(original air date  8/08/92)


Storyline:  Chance takes over the identity of a psychiatrist to find out who is trying to kill him.
Guest Stars: Matt Landers, Matt Levin, Yvette Nipar, Pierre Epstein 
Is it possible for Rick/Christopher Chance to look even better from one episode to the next? LOL I am really enjoying this show! Not only is Rick looking hot as usual, but the storylines are great, and I really don't see how this show didn't go on longer. 

In the opener of this episode, we are introduced to Dr. Michaelson and one of his patients, Kevin. When Kevin ends the session with his psychiatrist, the Dr. records some notes about it and his secretary enters. Dr. Michaelson tells her that he has been worried about some strange calls that he is receiving, and she warns him to call the police. However, the doctor does not want to involve them. The secretary delivers him his mail and when he opens up a package, there is a VCR tape enclosed. Dr. Michaelson puts it into the vcr and proceeds to watch someone walking through his house and office and all the while threatening him. Once the tape comes to an end the secretary re-enters the room and the VCR explodes. They are both unharmed.

Next scene, we are at the plane with the Human Target crew. Discussion of course is of the Dr. and his problems. Chris has not decided whether or not he has chosen to take this case yet, but from the way Libby interprets it, he has. Chris goes to visit the doctor as a patient, so that no one will be suspicious. Dr. Michaelson tells Chris that he has heard of him and has been following his cases and just can't understand how he would want to become someone else and put himself in that kind of danger. For some reason that the doctor can't understand, Chris does not like psychiatrists. As they discuss the case, Dr. Michaelson reveals that he wants to 'save the person who wants to kill me'.

Back on the plane, the usual procedures begin for Chris's transformation. They receive a call from the receptionist that "Brian Harper" one of the docs patients, has been arrested when his wife was found beaten. When Chris and Michaelson arrive at the office, the secretary hides when she hears them come in (apparently because she doesn't know Chris) and then runs out to confront them. A gruesome message has been left for the Dr. in his office. "soon they will be free" ~ next Chris and the doctor go to the police station to visit this Brian Harper and he threatens to kill the doctor. After he is restrained, they leave the station.
When Chris/Dr. Michaelson returns to the office, he sees his first patient~Kevin. As soon as Kevin enters the office he tells "Dr. Michaelson" that he seems like he is not himself. Kevin has a 6th sense, and he can tell that someone is trying to reach the doctor. Kevin leaves and Chris answers the call from Libby and the Dr. warning him that Brian Harper has been released from jail. Chris arranges to meet them all at Harpers house. Once the arrive, they find Harper dead, hanging from a rope.....BUT, the detective tells the crew that it was not suicide, they are treating it as murder~the coroner stated that he was dead before someone strung him up on the rope. Plus, he finds one of the doctors business cards near the body with the message "soon the will be free". 

Chris arranges for the doctor to 'pretend' to be leaving for a vacation to throw off the killer. That leaves Chris with having to meet with the Dr's colleague, who takes his place when he is not available. Chris/Michaelson talks with Dr. Langford about his trip and fills him on what he needs to do with the patients he will be treating. Once Chris returns to the ship to talk with Dr. Michaelson, Libby has a call from Kevin saying to get to his office, that he has to see him right away or someone will die. The doctor insists on accompanying Chris there and Chris relents and lets him tag along. Chris/Michaelson enters the house and confronts Kevin who is waiting there for him. Kevin talks about "Alexander" who is after him and wants him dead. Chris and Kevin go upstairs to investigate. Kevin directs them into a bedroom that is where he "feels" Alexander is waiting. The room is lit up with candles, there are knives everywhere, and mannequins. When Chris approaches the mirror, it comes crashing down on him and Dr. Michalson rushes out from behind it, and runs after Kevin. A fight ensues in the hallway when Chris discovers the doctor holding Kevin at knifepoint. A struggle then begins and eventually the doctor is pushed over the railing and Kevin is saved. Chris then reveals himself to Kevin.

Back to the police station, Chris, Libby and the detective question Langford. Dr. Langford tells them that Dr. Michaelson felt the pain of his patience and he hated himself for not doing enough for them. He possessed two personalities, one of which was "Alexander" who Kevin felt wanted him dead. The doctor wanted to kill his patience to set them free. Dr. Langford explains that when someone is driven by stress or unhappiness with who they are and what they have done, they seek absolution for their sins. Some people do so by becoming someone else. Chris looks guilty at this moment, so we understand now that since he was in the military and had to kill others at one time, becoming someone else as the Human Target is his absolution. Very cool! This episode ends rather abruptly once Kevin and Chris say their goodbyes. I believe this was one of the best episodes so far - Amy L.