(original air date  8/15/92)

Storyline:  Chris goes undercover for a guy in prison and has to face his fear of closed in spaces.
Guest Stars: James T. Morris, Tom Dahlgren, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Ben Mittleman, Tom Simmons, Billy "Sly" Williams, Thomas Ryan, Eileen Seeley.

According to US

This episode begins with a dream sequence. These sorta things make me dizzy…LOL Some people are at a party from what you can gather, and a couple are approached by a man and a fight breaks out. The man who approaches the couple is thrown threw a glass window as a mysterious man watches from the side. BANG! The guy wakes from this bad dream in a prison cell. His name is Mike Grant. He is there for killing this other guy at a party. Mike has a visitor (his pregnant wife) and as he goes to meet with her he is attacked and gets his arm broken. 

Back on the plane, Chris and crew discuss the situation. Not sure of how they can trade Chris off with this Grant guy, they soon begin to put all of the pieces together. What seemed impossible is now all figured out. Mike Grants wife shows them a home video to match up the face and voice for Philo to construct for Chris. Jeff and Philo pose as doctors bringing in an X-ray machine with Chris/Mike hidden inside to switch the guys out. Chris hides his tracking device in the fake cast on his arm. Mike (not knowing about this situation) is put to sleep and awakens on the plane to meet his wife, who explains what is going on.

Meanwhile, Chris is getting very antsy in the prison cell. Jeff explains that Chris was locked away in "Nam" and didn't take it very well, believing Chris could lose it in that prison. Chris is confined to solitary lock up after a fight with fellow inmates. Libby is tracing the guy behind it all….Ed Quick. He has hired an insider, a security guard, to kill Mike Grant . The security guard calls to check in with the `boss' and Libby catches their conversation. After a confrontation with the hired guard, Chris is taken in to talk with the warden where he reveals his identity. The warden freaks, but Chris explains things and then escapes to his plane as the other guards fire shots at them. Quick's brother was the one who Mike shoved through the glass window and killed, and Quick paid off the judge to get him convicted. Chris/ Mike shows up to confront Ed Quick and the guard and shows his `real' face to the guys as Jeff crashes through `that same darn window' from the outside to save the day. LOL YET AGAIN! These sort of shows, you just can wait for a happy ending. 

Mike Grant and his wife, the warden and Chris discuss their success with the case and Mike is a free man now. Of course the wife hugs and thanks Chris. Wouldn't we all? LOL Mike tells Chris they are naming the baby in his honor. "Oh, you will name him Chris"? Chris asks. The wife replies, "No, we will name her Libby." Chris busts out laughing. Gotta love those dimples! - Amy L.