(original air date  8/22/92)

Storyline:  Chris goes back home to help a friend of his father's and has to deal with his past.
Guest Stars: Charles Hayward, Katie Mitchell, Charles Noland, Michael Bofshever.

According to US

I think out of all of the Human Target episodes, this one would have to be my favorite. The storyline is better than most of the others and more interesting. Obviously this one had to be hard for Rick to do, because in this episode, Christopher Chance has to deal with his father, who is very judgmental of Chris and his occupation (which he of course doesn't really know about, until the end of the show). 

Chris and crew decide to take on the case of a Judge who is a life-long friend of Chris' father. The judge had just convicted a hit man to life in prison and now fears for his life, because of a strange occurrence following the trial. As the judge is interviewed, Chris discovers that his father has sold his business to his son-in-law and is having a retirement party that very night. Chris then decides to attend and we are introduced to his sister and his father. (no mention of his mother, which I found to be strange, but anyway…) The relationship between father and son is very awkward and obvious the minute they greet one another. Apparently Chris's father wanted bigger and better things for his son, but little does he know that Chris is more successful in his business than he could imagine.

Once the case is solved, yet again, Chris as the judge, reveals himself to his father after having given him advice about being nicer to his son. ( Chris's father sorta reminds me of the girlfriends father in "Hard to Hold". ) Father and son seem to be happy together at the end, so I guess they got their `happily ever after'. LOL  - Amy L.