(original air date  8/29/92)

Storyline:  Chris helps a reporter and finds some romance
Guest Stars: Joseph Carberry, Michael Harris, Peter Allas, Jackie Millnes, Mike Genovese, George Chakiris, Lisa Zane

According to US

I guess there had to be one episode where Chris gets a love interest! I always thought that it could have been Libby, but I was wrong. We start out on this one with a very bored crew and a nervous Christopher Chance, because things have been relatively quiet and they haven't had a case in a while. Finally a case comes in about a reporter and her cameraman who are on a story of a secret religious group who very much do not want to make the news. They take the hint when their van explodes in the parking lot of the station, after they have confronted the leaders of this group. The crew does not want to take the case, because Chris does not do women, but Libby explains that he could stand in for her cameraman. 

When Peter (the cameraman) comes aboard for the interview, he admits to having a crush on Robin (the reporter). However, her feelings are not mutual. Libby is suspicious that Chris only wants to take the case because of his attraction to Robin. (looks that way to me, too J ) Philo suggests that he could transform Chris into Robin, but Chris disagrees and Libby finds the thought amusing. Chris (as Peter) has lunch with Robin and saves her from the bad guys. (what a hero!!) Chris reveals his true identity to Robin and she is not thrilled with him and Peter for what they did behind her back. She admits to Chris that she always new Peter had a crush on her, but she never felt anything back until that day. (when Chris was posing as Peter) and they share a kiss. (grrrr) The case continues and (as always) is solved. 

Back on the ship, Chris and " Libby" discuss Robin. Chris is suspicious of her, and then walks in the real Libby, and Philo pulls off his face to reveal his true identity…..really cute part. Philo just had to prove that he could transfer a man into a woman.. Chris and Robin have a date at the end and share drinks and another kiss. What gets me is, this is the last episode of the one and only season, but we have no closure. The show ends and that is that.  - Amy L.