The Heartbreaker

Main Storyline: Rick Springfield joins the show as Nick Collins. The bank is putting pressure on the club, so they hire Nick, a professional club manager, to take over.  Nick doesn't make a good first  impression on the "hoods" by being overly zealous about running a tight ship.  They then find out that unless they pass a bank inspection, the bank will take over running the club, so they work with Nick to try to make a good impression.

Sub plot (i.e., the part not involving Rick):
Mackenzie's mother comes to town, with her new fiancée.  Mackenzie is suspicious.

Eddie and Stacy hook up.

I didn't get to see Robin's Hoods when it originally aired back in `95, so it's great getting to see it now. I love exploring the many works of Rick Springfield! It's unfortunate that this series didn't continue past 4 episodes. I found it pretty entertaining. It has a nice mixture of romance, drama, crime & comedy…with a bit of action here and there. Five people are working in a bar named The Robin's Nest as they serve out their paroles. Adding to the drama, they all live together above the club. That might not be so bad, except it's obvious to the viewer from the beginning that there's a love triangle between Eddie, Annie & Stacey. Also there's McKenzie & KT, the other two parolees. 

Bret, the manager of the Robin's Nest is out on maternity leave. Nick Collins (Rick) shows up to take her place. Oh boy…the new `boss' is coming in to rock the boat. (ok…so having a boss as hot as Nick wouldn't be so bad! ) He's decked in a black jacket & white shirt with no tie. Rick's hair was a bit shorter here than I normally like it, but it's not too short. It looked pretty good actually. (I do love how it was just long enough to curl up on the ends. *sigh* ) 

Eddie is `caught` by Nick giving out free drinks. In fact, he gives one to Nick before he realized that Nick was the new manager! Nick ends up introducing himself and tells him, "let's cool it on the free drinks for awhile." (classic Rick eyebrow raise right here!) He proceeds to meet the others and tells them he wants to check out their books right away and make sure that everyone is reporting their tips. 

Most of the story is based on Mac (McKenzie) and her mom Vanessa, played by Michelle Phillips. (Michelle from "The Mama and The Papa's." I also loved watching that woman years ago on Knots Landing. She`s a great actress.) She and Mac have some deep-rooted issues, stemming back to Mac's childhood. Mac is bitter towards Vanessa for the lack of attention mom gave her when she was a child & for the men who were in and out of their lives. Now she has a new man again…a much younger man. Mac is leery of him from the start. She makes it pretty clear to Eric, Vanessa's boyfriend, that she's none too fond of him. 

I got a kick out of Rick playing the "new boss," strutting around the place snapping orders at everyone, as if he's trying to prove himself as the man in charge. Nick is patrolling around the bar, staying on the girls' butts about slacking & chatting on the job. He gets a lot of eye-rolls and comments when he's not looking! LOL He looks like an inspector, running around with his clipboard and barking out commands!

Nick meets MacKenzie and there's a bit of chemistry between them from the first meeting. (even if he IS a bit cocky & over-confident. It turns out later that he's actually a pretty sweet guy. But of course he is!!!! We knew that.) He and Mac exchange a few words. He tells her, "We're both here for the same reason…to do a job." She says, "Wrong. You're here to do a job. I'm here to serve out my parole." You can tell she's not going to take any crap from Nick, boss or not. Cute…when she walks off from him, he says to himself, "feisty." 

Nick continues to hit nerves with all his criticism. Eddie tells one of the girls, "Is it me? Or is this guy busting our chops?" Vanessa comes in to talk to Mac, and meets up with Nick. When Nick walks off, Vanessa tells her that Nick is "Attractive enough. Nice height. You two would look good together." LOL I'd say he's MORE than attractive. I would have changed that line to "drop dead gorgeous." 

Another scene: (the scenes jump back and forth quite a bit, which is fine. It covers everyone's "story.") Annie & Eddie are upstairs. They briefly discuss Nick, then she kisses Eddie. He tells her to stop playing with his head. She is still crazy for him, but he insists that they're relationship has ended. I'm not too sure about that. I kind of think if he could have BOTH women, he would. He seems totally torn between the two. That's just the feeling I got.

Next day…Nick is engrossed in the book work. The 5 gather on the other side of the bar (the club is closed during daytime hours) and decide to confront Nick and tell him to lay off a bit, that they've been doing a good job for some time now, before he ever came along. Nick admits he's uptight because the bank is inspecting the bar the next night. They're sending in a suit to scope things over. Nick looks GREAT in that turtle neck, even if it does cover up too much chest!!!

Later, Mac and her mom have a heart to heart. Mac tells mom she always wanted to be just like her…beautiful, popular, smart. She explains all the pent up anger she's had. She asks her mom if they can try starting over and have a relationship. Mom cries and smiles, telling her--- yes. She goes to get her mom a Kleenex in the other room (Vanessa's hotel room), and stumbles upon 2 passports. They belong to mom's new boyfriend. One says Eric Dobson and the other says Lawrence Beacher. She truly suspects the man is trouble at this point. She leaves abruptly. Mom has no idea what Mac has found. 

Mac chats with KT over coffee telling her of the passport discovery, saying she's found something suspicious about "Eric," that he may have several identities. She tells her there is no such thing as Eric Dobson (it`s a fake identity) and that Beacher is a married man. She has been investigating. Later, back at "The Nest," she tells KT that she found out where Beacher's wife works. She is freshening up to leave, and go speak with the woman. KT tells her she's supposed to be on the "floor," that Nick would be looking for her since they're very busy tonight. She leaves anyway to go confront Beacher's wife. 

I thought this next scene was a pretty funny scenario. A business-looking man comes in. He no sooner gets through the door and Nick is scoping him out. Nick tells the girls & Eddie, "Banker at 2 o'clock. On target and in my sites." I LOVE that eyebrow raise and smile right here. His eyes are shining like a man who just hit the jackpot! He tells Stacey to take good care of him. She and the girls swarm the poor guy and insist that he accept free drinks. He agrees. The man appears to be enjoying the attention.

As the evening wears on…the "banker" has had one too many freebies, and is cutting the rug on the dance floor, dancing with some women. Nick says, "COOL…a banker with moves." He, Eddie & Stacey think this looks like a fine time to hit him up for a loan!!! LOL

Stacey and Eddie are seen together in several scenes, loving up on each other. (Eddie is a pretty attractive guy, but I still think Rick steals the screen! Why couldn't NICK be running around without his shirt?! Personally, I think that with a boss like Nick, the women were looking in the wrong direction. Anyway…) It seems that Stacey and Eddie have only been together a few weeks. Their relationship is obviously strained. Stacey is smitten with Eddie, and also quite paranoid he'll hook back up with Annie. In fact, she almost comes across as "desperate" to me. He tells Stacey he's over Annie, but I think she can sense that he's not…not really. I can imagine it would be very tense living under one roof. 

Over dinner he admits to Stacey that he was tempted by Annie the other night, but that he told Annie it was over. Stacey gets upset. He tells her they were friends (he and Stacey) long before he and Annie ever happened. She tells him, `it's not written in stone Eddie, we're either friends or we're not.' (PERFECT spot for inserting a Rick song title if you ask me. That should've went, "written in rock.") She turns to leave and he plants a big kiss on her right there in the restaurant, telling her he doesn't want to lose her. 

Back to Mac. She has went to Ms. Beacher's work. She learns from Cynthia, the ex-wife, all sorts of terrible details on Eric/Lawrence. He's a scam artist who marries and goes into business deals with his wives, ripping them off, then he disappears. The woman tells her the police could never find him, that he had "taken off." Mac tells her that she knows exactly where he is. GO MAC! So Mac meets her mom Vanessa for lunch and tries to warn her about Eric. Unfortunately, mom won't listen. She's blinded by "love."

Mac goes to KT for help. She and KT set up a plan to prove Eric is a crook. Mac asks Eric to meet with her for a drink. She says she wants to make a fresh start with him, all the while appearing she's sorry for mistrusting him in the beginning. They chat for a minute, then she heads to the ladies room. KT moves in for the "kill." She plops down in a chair near Eric and puts on an act…as though she's had a rough day. Eric strikes up with her, wanting to know if she's had a long day. "Yes," she tells him. She acts as though she works for a very rich woman named Martha Trumain. Eric`s eyes light up. He tells KT, "If money could buy happiness, she'd be delirious by now." Being the professional con that he is, he feeds KT full of lies. He says he used to work for Martha, and that he'd like to pay his respects to her because she's widowed. Eric "talks her into" hooking him up with Ms. Trumain, telling her he'll make it worth her while. 

Different scene: Annie still has feelings for Eddie & tells him so… again. He tells her things are different now and leaves her standing with a hurt look on her face. He turns away and he and Stacey hop on his motorcycle and drive off. 

The scene then skips over to "Ms. Trumain's house." Eric arrives, and tells KT to let Martha know he's there. He tells KT to make herself scarce, handing her a wad of money. To his shock and surprise, his ex-wife Cynthia appears around the corner, rather than Ms. Trumain. They have words and Cynthia tells him she is going to warn Vanessa about him. He doesn't care. He tells her the ring looks better on Vanessa than it ever did on her, and that Vanessa is on a plane now. Fooled! In walks Vanessa and Mac. She's heard the whole thing. He realizes it was Mac who busted him. His real name is actually David Whitworth. She picked up his fingerprints out of mom's hotel room and ran them through at the DA's office. He smirks and tries to make a smooth exit, likely planning to skip town once again. When he opens the door, the police are waiting there to arrest him. Case solved. Vanessa looks pleased with her daughter's investigative work. 

Back at the bar the next day….Nick and Mac are doing figures on the business. Vanessa arrives to tell Mac that she's heading to Figi, but that she wanted to say goodbye this time. Nick tells her, "no rush," and he gets up to leave them in privacy telling Vanessa it was nice to meet her. As soon as he's out of earshot, she tells Mac, "stunning man really." Ok, so Vanessa has got the hots for Nick. Can't say as I blame her! Mac asks her mother to please call her `Mac,` rather than MacKenzie, since that's what her friends call her. Her mom is touched. She tells her to call her "mother" from now on. Mac hugs her and calls her mom. They discuss visiting each other in the future. I thought that was a pretty nice ending to their "rough" relationship. 

That evening the bar is hopping with customers. The "banker" comes in to thank them all for the great time he had the other night. He tells them he's heading off to Des Moines, Iowa. Nick asks him why Des Moines, is that where the bank's main office is located? The man looks confused. The tells them oh no…he's not a banker, and hands them his business card. Nick reads it and says, "Pinkett's Plumbing Supplies???!!" (in that great high-pitched, shocked voice that Rick uses). The man says yes, he's a plumber…he just came into the Robin's Nest the other night to find a payphone. LOL Well, they sure made the plumber feel like someone special, didn't they?! Nick and the girls are left laughing and feeling like complete fools. What a prime example of how it's never safe to assume anything! - Kelley Pearson