These are the songs that Rick has written, co-written, recorded, performed, and covered.

The songs in Purple, are the ones we know he has performed live.


1 x 2 x 3 x 4 (more)

50 Mg of Hope
1000 Years (more)
A Sign of Life (more)
About Time (more)
Act Of Faith (more)
Affair Of The Heart (more)
Alien Virus
All Day And All Of The Night (more)

All Hands On Deck (more)
Alyson (more)
The American Girl (more)
American Girls
Angel (more)

Angels of the Disappeared (more)

Another Bad Day For Cupid (more)
April 24, 1981 (more)
Archangel (more)
Are You Going To Find Out (more)

Baby Blue (more)
Baby Please Don't Go (more)
Bad Boy (more)
Baker Street (more)
The Ballad Of Annie Goodbody (more)
Beautiful Feelings (more)

Beautiful Inside (more)
Beautiful Prize (more)
Beautiful You sdaa
Beautiful You radio version
Beethoven Street (more)
Believe In Me (more)
Bigbeautifulfridaynight (more)
Billie's Bikie Boys (more)
Black Is Black (more)

Bloody Messiah (more)
Blue Rose (more)

Blues For The Disillusioned (more)
Bop 'Til You Drop (more)
Born Out Of Time (more)
Brand New Feeling (more)
Broken Wings (more)
Brothers in Arms (more)
Bruce (more)
Calling All Girls (more)
Carry Me Away (more)
Catch Me If You Can (more)
Celebrate Youth (more)
Child Within (more)
Chitty Chitty Bang  Bang (more)
Christmas Eve In Memphis (more)
Cold Feet (more)
Come On Everybody (more)
Come Together (more)
Comic Book Heroes (more)

Crow With A Crippled Foot

Crowded Solitude (more)
Cry (more)
Daddy's Pearl (more)
Dance This World Away (more)
Dancing on the Edge of the World (more)
Day Tripper (more)

Death Drives A Cadillac

Deep Blue Sea (more)
Depravity (more)
Desperate Lives (more)
Dirty Talk (more)
Do You Love Your Children (more)
Do Wah Diddy Diddy (more)

Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting
Don't Talk To Strangers (more)
Don't Walk Away (more)

Down (more)
Dream In Colour (more)
Dreamtime Faeries (more)

Earth To Angel (more)
Easy to Cry (more)
Eat Your Hart Out, Rick Springfield (more)
Eden (more)

Eight Days a Week

Eleanor Rigby (more)
Electra (more)
Every Night I Wake Up Screaming (more)
Everybody's Cheating (more)
Everybody's Girl (more)
Evil Child (more)
Faithful (alive dvd) (more)
Faithful (sdaa)
Feelings (more)
Fire (more)
Fire Brigade (more)

Found (more)
Flying (more)
For No One (more)
Forever (more)
Former Child Actor (more)
Foxey Lady (more)
The Freak (more)
Free (more)
Free & Easy (more)
Gabriel (more)
Get Off Of My Cloud (more)
Gloria (more)

Glow Worm (more)
God Bless America (more)

God Blinked (more)

God Don't Care (more)

Godforsaken World
God Gave You to Everyone
Goldfever (more)
Goodbye St. Paul (more)
The Great Lost Art Of Conversation (more)
Guenevere (more)
Happy Birthday (more)
Hard Days Night
Haven't I Been Good To You (more)

Heart Of God
Heaven (more)
Her Body Makes Vows (more)
Here Comes the Sun (more)
Hey Eileen (more)

Hey Joe
Hey Josephine (more)
Hey Pinky (more)
His Last Words (more)
Hold Onto Your Dream (more)
Holding on to Yesterday (more)
Hole In My Heart (more)

Honestly (more)
Honeymoon In Beirut (more)
Hooky Jo (more)
How Do You Talk To Girls (more)
Human (more)
The Human Sea (more)
Human Touch (more)

I Am Jack Chrome
I Can't Stop Hurting You (more)
I Didn't Mean To Love You (more)
I Feel Fine (more)

I Follow My Heart (more)
I Found You (more)
I Get Excited (more)
I Hate Myself (more)
I Have a Son (more)
I Know That It's Magic (more)
I Need You (more)
I Saw Her Standing There (more)
I Should Have Known Better
I Want You (more)

I Wish I Had A Concrete Heart (more)
idontwantanythingfromyou (more)
If God Were One of Us
If I Loved You (more)
If We Can Help One Another (more)
If You Think You're Groovy (more)

If Wishes Were Fishes (more)
I'll Be Back (more)
I'll Make You Happy (more)

I'll Miss That Someday (more)

I'm Down (more)
I'm Not In Love
I'm Your Superman (more)
Imagine (more)
IN veRonicA'S HEAD (more)
Inna Gadda Davida (more)q

Insert Your Name Here (more)
Inside Silvia (more)

In The Land Of The Blind (more)
Intergalactic Circus Of Wonders (more)
The Invisible Girl (more)

Irreplaceable (more)
Is Everybody Happy? (more)
It's About Time (more)
It's Driving Me Crazy (more)
Itsalwayssomething (more)
I've Done Everything For You (more)

Jailhouse Rock (more)
Jenny B (more)
Jessica (more)
Jessie's Girl (more)

Jessie's Girl - Spanish version (more)
Jesus Saves (more)

Jesus Was An Atheist (more)
Jet (more)

Jingle Bells
Joshua (more)

Judas Tree (more)
Just Gotta Sing (more)
Just Like a Woman (more)
Just One Kiss (more)
Just One Look (more)
Karma (more)
Kristina (more)

La Calavera Catrina

Language Of Love (more)
Last Time (more)
Last Train to Clarksville
Let It Shine (more)
Let's Go Out Tonight (more)
Let Me In (more)
The Liar (more)
Life in a Northern Town (more)
Life Is A Celebration (more)

Light This Party Up (more)
The Light Of Love (more)
Like Father Like Son (more)
LIO (more)

Little Demon (more)
Little Roland Lost (more)
Little Voices (more)
Living In Oz (more)
Looking For The One (more)
Love Is Alright Tonight (more)

Love Is Gonna Come At Last (more)

Love is Gonna Save The Day (more)
Love is the Answer (more)
Love Is The Key (more)
Love Me Do (more)
Love Receiver (more)
Love Screws Me Up (more)
Love Screws Me Up sfteotw (more)
Love Somebody (more)
Loving You
Low Rider
Lust (more)
The Magic That Surrounds You (more)
Me & Johnny (more)
Medley (more)

Mercy (more)
Million Dollar Face (more)

Miss Daisy Hawkins (more)

Miss Mayhem (more)
Miss You Nights (more)
Miss Your Kiss (more)
Misty Water Woman (more)
Modern World (more)
Moments (more)
Monkey (more)
Monty And Me (more)
Motel Eyes (more)
Mother Can You Carry Me (more)

Mr. PC (more)

Mr. Songwriter (more)
Mustang Sally (more)
My Depression (more)
My DUI (more)
My Generation (more)
My Father's Chair (more)

My Last Heartbeat (more)
My Sharona
New Lover (more)
The Night is a Friendly Color (more)
No Matter What
Nobody But You (more)
Not Fade Away (more)

Nothing is Ever Lost (more)

Nowhere Man (more
Oblivious (more)

Oh Well
Old Gangsters Never Die (more)
On The Other Side (more)
One Broken Heart (more)
One Passenger (more)
One Reason (To Believe) (more)
One Way Street (more)
One World, One Spirit (more)
Open My Eyes (more)
Ordinary Girl (more)

Orpheus In The Underworld (more)
Our Ship's Sinking (more)

Painted Girl (more)

Party At The Beach Bar

Pay It Forward (more)
Pearly and Me (more)
Perfect (more)
The Photograph (more)
Poison Pen (more)
The Power Of Love (The Tao Of Love)(more)
Prayer (more)
Pretty Little Mess (more)
Psychoactive (more)
Rawhide (theme) (more)
Red Hot & Blue Love (more)
Red House
Religion Of The Heart (more)
Revolution Day
Rhythm of Love (more)
Rhythm Of The Beat (efx) (more)
Rhythm of the Beat (sdaa)
The Rick Springfield Song
Right Planet, Wrong World (more)
River In Time (more)
Rock Of Life (more)

Rollin' and Tumblin' (more)
Rollover Beethoven
Rovianne (more)
Sailing (more)
Saint Sahara (more)

Santa Is An Anagram (more)
Say Goodnight
Scandalous Life (more)
SFO (more)
Sha La La (more)
Shake A Feather (more)
Shake It Off
Shakin All Over (more)

She's Alright (more)
Shock To My System (more)
Shoot Your Guru (more)
Sleepy Children (more)
Smile For The Camera (more)
Smoke on the Water
So Beautiful (more)
Solitary One (more)
Some Enchanted Evening
Somewhere (more)

Sons and Daughters (more)
Soul To Soul (more)
Souls (more)
Spanish Eyes (more)
Spanish Harlem (more)
Speak To The Sky (more)
Stand By Me
Stand Up (more)

Stand Up For Love (more)
Star Spangled Banner (more)
Starlight, Starbright (more)
State Of The Heart (more)
Still Crazy For You (more)
Strange Brew (more)
Strange Things (more)
Stranger (more)
Stranger In The House (more)
Streaking Across the USA (more)
Streaking The Australian Way (more)

Suicide Manifesto (more)
Sukaya (more)
Sunshine of Your Love (more)
Superstition (more)
Suzanne (more)
Sweet Dreams (more)
Sweet Teaser (more)
Take A Hand (more)
Tao Of Heaven (more)
Taxi Dancing (more)

Taxi Dancing Original (more)

Taxman (more)
Tear It All Down (more)

Television (more)

That One (more)
That Thing is Love (more)

The Best Damn Thing (more)

The Bug (more)

The Devil That You Know (more)

The Man That Never Was (more)

The Snake King (more)

The Voodoo House (more)

The Wall Will Fall (more)
Theme From Mission Magic (more)
This I Promise You For Life (more)
Three Warning Shots (more)
Tiger By The Tail (more)
Time Stand Still (more)
Tonight (more)
Trash (more)
Treat Me Gently In The Morning (more)
Turn Your Head (more)
The Unhappy Ending (Lead Me On) (more)
Under the Milky Way (more)

Under the Rainbow (more)
Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire (more)

Vanity Skies (more)
Venus in Overdrive (more)
Waiting for a Girl Like You (more)
Walk Like A Man (more)

Walkin' In (more)
Walking On The Edge (more)
Walking The Floor On My Hands Over You (more)
Wasted (more)

We Are The Dead

We Connect (more)
We Will Rock You (more)
Weep No More (more)
Welcome To The Rodeo (more)
Welcome To Your Bright New World (more)

We're Gonna Have A Good Time (more)
What Kind Of Fool Am I (more)
What Would The Children Think (more)
What's Victoria's Secret
When You Dream (more)
Whenever I Call You Friend (more)
Where's All The Love (more)
White Room (more)

Who Killed Rock and Roll
Who's Afraid of You (more)
Why? (more)
Why Are You Waiting (more)
Why Don't You Dance (more)
Wide Awake (more)
Wild Life (more)
Wild Thing (more)
Will I?
Woman (more)
Woman/Man (more)
Words of Love (more)
World Start Turning (more)
Written In Rock (more)
Yes I'm Glad (more)
You and Me (more)
You Better Get Going Now (more)
You Can Really Do It (more)
You Can't Judge A Book (more)
You Really Got Me (more)
You Write the Book (more)
You'd Better Think Twice (more)
Your Psychopathic Mother(more)
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (more)

All current concert shots taken by Renata Hearn