TV Clips

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Rick at Osage City, KS: Rick was interviewed by Channel 49 in Topeka during his April, 2006 visit to Osage City. It's a nice little spot.

Rick at the Emmy Dinner
: Check out the interview that Soap Net did with Rick at the Emmy Dinner at Spago's on March 31, 2006. You might learn something new!

More Emmy Dinner Interviews
: This interview is courtesy of ABC, and includes footage of Rick talking about how pleased he is to be back on GH.

RS Out To Lunch: Dine out with Rick Springfield for Italian food and revealing conversation. This clip originally provided by Joanne Suriano. Special thanks!

RS Talks to Geoff Fox
: Geoff Fox, weatherman extraordinaire for Hartford's News Channel 8, takes a step into entertainment reporting to interview Rick. Enjoy the fan centered clip, courtesy of Geoff and Helaine Fox.

CNNFN "The BIZ": Rick was featured on CNNFN's entertainment news magazine on 5/19. He discusses the nature of the music industry, his latest release and his pride over his two sons and their accomplishments. Thanks to Rick Springfield and Fans for the clip and fast work converting it and to the industrious fan who got us the heads up about this appearance!

CNN Headline News: Thanks to a very industrious Shock Team member, Rick was featured on CNN Headline news on 5/14/04.

Good Day Live: Rick's appearance to promote SDAA on Good Day Live. .

E! Teen Idols: Rick's clip on E! Channel's Teen Idols show was a great promotional piece detailing his rise from hard working rock beginnings, detour through soap stardom, and back on track to rock and roller extraordinaire. Interview interspersed with older footage. Terrific look back while looking forward! 

Jimmy Kimmel 5/12/04: Part One:  The two part appearance by Rick on late night TV. Great exposure, great performance of Beautiful You!

Jimmy Kimmel 5/12/04: Part Two

Soap Talk - Part 1 (2004) Did you miss Rick on Soap Talk? Rick chats it up with hosts about his old days on GH and how his musicianship went nearly unnoticed.

Soap Talk - Part 2 

Ryan Seacrest - Part One: Check out Rick's awesome appearance on the Ryan Seacrest show on 4/7/04. A really touching story from a true fan starts out the fun, and then Rick's high energy performances round out the viewing.

Ryan Seacrest - Part Two

Ryan Seacrest - Part Three

Wayne Brady - Part One: View three parts of the Wayne Brady show that aired on 2/24/04. Part One shows Wayne's acknowledgement of Rick fans in the audience that day and points out a few die-hards. Part Two shows the energetic performance of Will I? and Part Three shows Rick performing Jessie's Girl with an enthusiastic Wayne Brady partnering.

Wayne Brady - Part Two

Wayne Brady - Part Three

VH1 Valentine's Dedications - Part 1  Rick dedicates love songs from those who wrote in to VH1. His wry sense of humor is evident and let's face it...he's not tough to look at either. 

VH1 Valentine's Dedications - Part 2

 Bakersfield News Appearance Channel 17 - Part 1  Check out the local press from Rick's signing in Bakersfield on April 18, 2004

Bakersfield News Appearance Channel 17 - Part 2

Bakersfield News Appearance Channel 29 - Part 1

Bakersfield News Appearance Channel 29 - Part 1

Bakersfield News Appearance - Kero

2/13 TV Appearance on Fox and Friends: Here's video of Rick's brief appearance on the national cable TV show, "Fox and Friends" on the Fox News Network. Great answers to questions about fans and the energy of his music, in addition to great footage of Rick singing "I'll Make You Happy." 

VH1 Valentine's Dedication Commercial, Third Version: Recorded in early February at the VH1 studios. Who needs to love somebody??? :) 

VH1 Valentine's Dedication Commercial, Second Version: Recorded in early February at the VH1 studios. You, Rick and a whole lotta classic love... :)

VH1 Valentine's Dedication Commercial: Recorded in early February at the VH1 studios, you won't ever think of candy hearts the same after viewing this brief commercial. :)

VH1 Classics Commercial: Check out the streaming Real Media file of the commercial which aired on VH1 Classics...they are were a big player in the promotion of SDAA.

VH1's True Spin: Did you miss it? VH1's True Spin has Rick talking about the origin of Jessie's Girl and the true story behind it. Check out their hilarious three takes on it and see Rick comment on their validity.

Love In The Afternoon: Have you heard all about the infamous strawberry scene but never viewed it? Hold onto your hats girls, because here it is! 

Linda Blair's Biography on A and E: Rick Springfield and Fans took the best parts of this show and condensed it into a short clip to display online for those of us who didn't feel it necessary to sit for an hour and listen about all of Linda Blair's life. Rick does make a few appearances to talk about him and Linda; great footage of them together at Christmas and the  interview of Rick regarding Linda is very interesting to watch.

Politically Incorrect Part One: Check out Rick's "a few words in edgewise" appearance on the now defunct "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Maher. Rick's polite nature tended to let him get overshadowed next to some blustery guests on this show, but it is worth viewing. Clip one shows him discussing school uniforms and how uniforms affect, or don't affect student behavior. This show was taped immediately after the Columbine High School tragedy.

Politically Incorrect Part Two: A second clip from this same appearance in which Rick talks eloquently about racism, and the lack of it he encountered growing up in Australia.