Rick Springfield's Band


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Sigve (Siggy) Sjursen - Bass Guitar

Siggy joined the band in the summer of 2015. Siggy is from Oslo, Norway. He toured with Glen Campbell from 2009 - 2012. Also was a member of "Instant People" with Glen's daughter and son.  He was also member of heavy metal band, Boston Base and Powerman 5000.

Siggy is a great addition to the band, he thoroughly enjoys his time on stage. If you can take your eyes off Rick, Siggy can be seen moving non-stop from one end of the stage to the other. 

Tim Gross - Keyboards & Guitar


Tim started filling in for Paul Trudeau when there were scheduling conflicts and is now a full-fledged band member as of 2015. 

He took classical piano lessons as a kid in Santa Barbara.

A singer/songwriter as well as a keyboardist, Tim has previously focused mostly on performing with his own bands, starting at the age of 16.  And as attendees of this year's Fan Getaway learned, he was lots of fun at the Pajama Night piano bar as well.

If you've been to any shows since Tim joined, you'll also know that he plays the guitar.


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George Nastos - Lead Guitar

George was Rick's guitar tech for several years, and took over bass guitar for Matt Bissonette in 2012 when Matt left to tour with Elton John. 

George provides background vocals and accompanies Rick on acoustic guitar when performing on television. He also travels with Rick on the Stripped Down show tour.  George has also recorded with Glen Hughes.

After George Bernhardt left the band in 2015, George moved from bass guitar to the lead guitar position.





Jorge Palacios

Jorge joined Rick's band at the end of 2013, replacing Rodger Carter.

He has said that Bobby Blotzer was his biggest influence in drumming.

Jorge also plays with the band, 6ONE9.


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Matty Spindel - Audio Engineer & Road Manager

Matty is the "sound god" of Rick's tour. He's the guy who makes sure that no matter how terrible the acoustics are in a venue, Rick and the boys continue to sound like they are playing Carnegie Hall.

Matty earned a Grammy award for his work on Carlos Santana's CD, "Supernatural".

Sadly, Matty passed away on October 6, 2022. He will be dearly missed.


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Past Members of "The Band"....

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George Bernhardt - Lead Guitar

George is a longtime friendly face to Rick's fans. Having worked for the past...many years...as Rick's guitar tech extraordinaire, George took the stage in 2005 as lead guitar. Fans always knew he was talented by hearing the licks he would create when setting up the gear, but now there's proof.

Many fans were sad to see George leave Rick's band in 2015.


Paul Trudeau

Keyboards & Guitar

Paul took over for Derek Hilland after Derek had back surgery and became a permanent member of the band when Derek went on tour with Foreigner. 

Although Paul's main function is playing keyboards, he has also been known to play guitar and drums.

Paul left the band in 2014 to tour with Billy Idol.



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Rodger Carter - Drums & Road Manager

Rodger made his debut in Los Angeles on April 22, 2000. In Rick's own words, Rodger "slams!" An enthusiastic performer, Rodger filled the big shoes Jack White left behind quite nicely.

Rodger left the band at the end of 2013 to pursue other interests. He'll be greatly missed.



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Matt Bissonette - Bass

Matt was the bassist in Rick's band. A musician who has worked with a wide variety of rock talent (David Lee Roth and Ringo Star, most notably),

Matt earned rave reviews for his ability to pick up the songs in the shows very quickly. A native Detroiter, Matt  displayed an incredible sense of humor. 

He had a heavy hand in helping Rick with Venus in Overdrive and Songs For The End Of The World.

Matt left the band in 2012 to tour with Elton John.




Derek Hilland - Keyboards

Derek, also known as "food boy" has slowly shown his personality to fans as years have gone on.

Derek is a kind, thoughtful musician who cares deeply about his work. Derek was often joked to be doing the work of what used to take two (or three, I stand corrected Derek!) keyboard players in the 1980's...he's that good. And anyone who has heard Rick's live version of "Free" knows how wonderful his voice is.

Derek left the band in 2012, to temporarily tour with Foreigner and now is involved with Rick's on-line merchandising.






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Ronnie Grinel - Tour & Production Management

Ronnie was the guy that made sure Rick was where he was supposed to be. Sometimes it made Ronnie into "the bad guy" but he took it all in stride.

Usually he loved the energy of the show, and went out of his way to make as many fan's dreams come true by meeting Rick. If you were lucky enough to talk to Ronnie when he wasn't busy making sure everything was perfect before show time, you'd find a kind person who really took time out for everyone. That, and who knew his hidden drumming talent?!



The Band circa 1999

Anyone who's followed Rick Springfield long enough knows how important his back up band is to maintaining a smooth, upbeat performance.  The band Rick assembled had years of musicianship to back them up.  While you will note that most of them were new faces, rest assured, they had plenty of experience to merit them for the job.  The band members were chosen by audition prior to the tour.  And can we say that they're all just a really nice bunch of guys who added greatly to your enjoyment of Rick's show.

 Thanks to all of you guys...and to all of the guys behind the scenes who made it all come together at show time.


Jack White - Drums

Rick & Jack met in 1976, and they formed a friendship that has weathered the difficult times in both of their lives. Many fans remember seeing Jack touring with Rick back in the 80s, and the astute fan will also remember Jack with Rick on the '93 club tour. Jack was fiercely protective of Rick, making sure the tour ran smoothly from city to city. Not just a band member, but a friend, "Saint Jack" (as he is known to some fans for convincing Rick to come back out on the road); Jack is the consummate professional. Occasionally Jack will make a guest appearance at one of Rick's shows.



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Lance Morrison - Bass

Lance Morrison was the only new band member who had the privilege of  working on the Karma CD with Rick. Obviously a hard worker, Lance added warmth and strength to Rick's sound with his stylings on the bass. While the addition of Lance and Dave might make you wonder about the shaved head fad, Lance's irrepressible smile and sense of humor nearly made you forget that he had no hair under those caps of his. Lance fit neatly into the group of four that Rick assembled.

Lance left the tour to work with Don Henley on his tour.




John Billings - Bass

John was a part time bass player for Rick's back up crew in 2004-2005. Always a friendly face, he was a fan favorite because of his lively personality and true appreciation for the fans. John sets up shop in Nashville and is involved in his own music there, having worked in the past with the Suitcase Pimps. He also tours with Donna Summer and Wynonna if you'd ever like to catch up with him outside of the Rick world.





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 David Whiston - Guitar

Dave Whiston, one of the "band guys", who worked with Rick on the weekends and had his own band, "V33" during the week. L.A. dwellers have been lucky enough to catch some of Dave's shows on his own.

He showcases not only the astounding guitar ability that was on display at Rick shows, but also his wide range of styles and amazing voice. He also has played with the LA band KrunK in the past. Dave was on Rick's tour from 1998 - 2004. It is obvious that he made his own musical niche.

Fans nearly unanimously recall his friendliness and warmth when approached.



Photo credit: Kelly Latka