1. When did you start writing music, and what was the very first song you ever wrote?

"I started writing songs when I was about 15. This friend of mine, John Kennedy (actually he's the 'Johnny' from the song 'Me and Johnny') wrote our first song called 'Love You'. I still remember it. I keep all that stuff and have most of the songs I have written somewhere."

2. What other musical interests do you play besides guitar and piano, and are the boys interested in playing an instrument , and if so, which?

"I play a mediocre blues harp and can whip out a serious, though limited beat on the drums. My boys are learning guitar, piano and drums themselves. Prescott Niles from 'The Knack' is teaching them."

3. Most of what you record are songs you've written yourself (which I think are the best) but when you record a song written by someone else, how do you decide which ones to record?

"I record someone else's song when I love the song and it hasn't been heard before. I have a couple in mind now."

4. Do you remember the first thing you purchased with your first real paycheck?

"No. I'm sure it was something like buying a 'monster' model kit with money I made playing in a band at a party. I still have the receipt from my first electric guitar though. That was the first thing I remember buying."

5. What would be your 'dream car?' Do you still have the red Ford Fiesta and the classic Corvette?

"I'm looking around now for a car.  I love old American cars slightly 'hot rodded.' Also I like the Viper. No, I don't have either the Fiesta or the Vette. My beloved Fiesta died and the Vette I sold when we went to New Zealand for the first season of High Tide.

6. 15 years later, does Jessie's Girl have any clue yet?

"No. I never see them and to be honest, it was a brief period in my life knowing them, though the angst was very real!"

7. What was your first acting role?

"The first role I ever landed was playing a baddie named 'Niles' on 'The 6 Million Dollar Man.' I remember how excited I was that I had actually auditioned and gotten a REAL part... it blew my mind. I'm sure I sucked in it."

8. If High Tide should go into a 4th season would you want to do it for another year or would you want to move onto something else, whether it be music or different acting projects?

"I do want to pursue other things, but I'll decide that when it comes up."