Rick was kind enough to join us for a chat. Upon arriving in the room Rick apologized for being late and said he had went to a movie. When asked what movie, he said "Men In Black". He said the movie was a "fun ride".

Everyone was complimenting him on Sahara Snow and how much they loved it. Rick said "thanks, I'm glad you like it." On the song "New Lover" someone asked if he is saying "shadow up" or "sha do wop" and he said "sha do wop". He was asked which his favorite song was and he said "I need to listen to it a while :)" He finally answered, "I always liked Rovianne. It's an old song but I wanted to put it on. It was a girl I knew. It's a South African name." Someone said when will we hear some real blues out of you? Rick replied, "I love blues but I have only played it after hours (and a few glasses of red wine). Someone asked if it was okay if we give radio stations the CD to play and also asked if it would get played by radio stations since it's not released here. Rick said "you can do what you want with the CD. It won't be released over here as I want to concentrate on solo stuff. I don't think the radio will play it if it's not released here." Rick was asked what Barbie thinks of Sahara Snow and Rick said "Barbie likes the record." Someone said their hubby liked "Speak to the Sky" and Rick said, "My mum still loves Speak to the Sky." He was asked how his mom was and he said, "She's alive and well." When asked about the beginning of "Modern World", Rick said, "I walked down Hollywood Boulevard one day with my tape recorder running. It's 'Unchained Melody' you hear playing." He was asked why it took so long to get new music released and Rick replied, "I just kept writing. I'm not sure why it took so long."

He was asked a number of questions about guitars....if he wanted to part with any of his Gretschs and he said, "I don't have those Gretschs anymore. I do have some cool guitars tho." He was asked if he still has the pink one and he said "no, the pink one is at some Hard Rock in Japan." Someone said they had dibs on the while Strat with the tortoise and Rick said, "The white Strat went a long time ago too." He was asked if he had a favorite guitar and he said, "I have an SG that I bought new in '69. It's so beautiful."

Rick was asked how active he was in the making of Tim Pierce's CD "Guitarland". Rick said, "I just wrote some songs. They were songs I never got around to putting vocals on." Someone commented on how much they loved "Guitarland" and how great Tim was, and Rick agreed, "Tim is a great player."

He was also asked if he had been able to get to the RLS web site and Rick said, "I have not gotten over to the web page, can you email me directions?" (Rick has since seen this site and has given a thumbs up to the site. His comment? "The web page is cool.")

Rick finally had to leave and apologized once more for not being able to answer all of the questions. "If I miss any questions it's not because I'm not trying!" Thank you again Rick for taking the time out to chat with your fans. :)