Excerpted from RLS Newsletter, February, 1998:

1.  When you release your new album are you going to make a music video?

There may be a performance video or something like that.   At the moment I don't see a need for it.  It really all depends on what happens with the record.  As this will be released on my own label, I'm looking for new or alternative ways to get it out there.

2.  At times when you have done guest spots with a live audience on a talk show you seem a little ill-at-ease.  Is it because you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself in front of a live audience?

I'm just worried I'll say something I'll regret later that's all.

3.  If someone were to play "My Father's Chair" at a memorial service, how would you respond or feel?  Being that it's your song that you personally wrote from your own feelings?

I would be honored that someone thought enough of it to express their private emotions with it.

4.  Did you take lessons for every instrument you play or do you play them by ear?

No, I learned by ear.   Actually I took three months of piano from a little, smelly old lady when I was eight but promptly forgot it when we moved to England.  I taught myself piano by sitting with a guitar in my lap and working out what keys on the piano corresponded with what notes on the guitar.

5.  What would you like to come from the new music:  hit records, acceptance or personal gratification?

I always want/ need acceptance.  That is very big with me otherwise I'd just record the songs and play them for my friends and family.  Songs are like my kids, I send out into the world...some succeed and some don't but I care what happens to all of them.   Hit records?  I want that!!!!