Excerpted from RLS Newsletter, Feb. 2000:

1. Are you pleased with how Karma is going?

Yes, I'd like it to be played more, you know, I put it out to be heard so obviously I'd like it to be played more. We're doing everything we can and the single is getting a pretty good reaction. Free is doing the best of all of them so far. But having been away from it for a while too I really like the album now. I hated it when I finished it so it's great to get a way from it.

2. Will the next album be similar to Karma?

Actually I think I'm going to do maybe a little harder album for this follow up with some slower things. So far I've just started writing now and there is some slower and there are some songs like on Karma but there is also going to be some harder ones. I don't know yet to be honest. I won't know that until the album is done cause sometimes songs change direction while you're recording them.

3. Everyone is so glad you're touring again. Can you feel that at our shows?

Yeah I definitely feel the love.

4. What's the most hectic thing about touring?

I don't know, I mean it's not really...the toughest thing I think is just being away from home. But I don't really feel that thing anymore because the trips out are short.

5. Do you have any hobbies? Sports? Needlepoint?

I like to go snowboarding with my kids. We do that every winter.

6. How many roses have you bashed on your guitar?

Oh I don't know, we'd have to...the guitar tech has to go through them very week and open up the pick ups because of all the rose juice, when you smash them all the rose...the moisture from the roses gets into the pick up s so you gotta go in and clean it all out.

7. Have you ever smashed anything on your guitar and regretted it later?

Yes, sunflowers. They're too heavy and they smash the pick ups.

8. What does your mom think when you smash guitars on stage?

She hates it. In fact her phrase was..."why do you have to bash your guitars...why do you bash your guitars, it teaches the kids violence...and it's not nice." Or something like that.

9. What was performing on Broadway like for you?

I totally enjoyed it once I got past the fact that it was just another street. I felt very at home. I was nervous about how my voice would sound doing those songs because I've never really...I was very nervous about that because I don't really...I mean I don't like the sound of my voice sometimes so I was very nervous.

10. What's your biggest accomplishment in life so far?

Raising my two kids.

11. (Bonus Q) What is your favorite Starbucks Coffee?

Grande, soy, one and a half pumps (of chocolate), no whip, mocha.