Excerpted from Rick's Loyal Supporters Newsletter September 1997...

1. I loved the movie "Nick Knight". Were you offered the chance to play Nick Knight in the Forever Knight series?

"When the finally picked up Nick Knight I was already doing "Human Target".

2. Are there any particular artists that you really consider a strong influence on your career?

"Cliff Richards and the Shadows."

3. Do you ever listen to country music and if so do you have a favorite country singer?

"Yes, I like some of the more aggressive, guitar oriented country stuff I've heard.

4. Is there a particular artist out there right now that you enjoy the work of?

"A lot of the young bands and female singers, there is some great music out there at last."

5. If you had a chance would you ever consider acting with a theatre company? If yes, what kind of role would you like to play? If no, why?

Stage acting does interest me it's just that writing and playing music interests me more. I'd love to do a musical."