"A Year In The Life Of A Working Class Dog" - Limited Edition

Written by Ken Sharp/Concept and design by Kym Degenaro


The story of the making of WCD and the success that followed. Stories are told by the people that were

involved in Rick's climb to the top.


Replicas included with the book

Rick's 1982 Grammy Awards Show performer contract

Western Union telegram inviting Rick to the RCA Grammy Nominees private party

Film strip of publicity photos

Polaroid photo of Ron in shirt and tie

All Access Pass - 1981 USA Working Class Dog Tour

Stage diagram for the Working Class Dog Tour

Handwritten lyrics to songs on the Working Class Dog album

Photo of Rick and Ron - both wearing gold shirts after Working Class Dog went gold




"Late, Late At Night" - Autobiography

Written by Rick Springfield

The title was inspired from the lyrics of "Jessie's Girl".   His story begins when he was seventeen and attempted suicide. He writes about his struggle with lifelong depression and insecurity. In the book he leads readers through his career and the decision to drop out of the spotlight at his peak. Readers get an intimate look at the struggles of his private life and his demons.

For more information about the book, visit the official "Late, Late At Night" website.






"Late, Late At Night" - Autobiography

Paperback version


An "Intimate Afterword" was added to the paperback version. Rick wrote this chapter while visiting

his mother in Australia.


He writes about his anxiety regarding the release of the book. He also speaks about the book tour, including

TV interviews and book signings.

Sixteen pages of photos were added, some of which were taken by fans.





"Magnificent Vibration" - Fiction

Written by Rick Springfield


Bobby Cotton steals a self-help book called "Magnificent Vibration: Discover Your True Purpose" from a bookstore and calls the 1-800 number written inside the front cover. He is shocked to discover that he has a direct line to God. Bobby is led on a wild  journey with several travel companions to find spiritual salvation and possibly save the planet.

For more information about the book, visit the official "Magnificent Vibration" web site.


"World On Fire" - Fiction

Written by Rick Springfield


"World On Fire" continues where "Magnificent Vibration" left off.  The world as we know it is falling to pieces and will never be the same. A deadly pandemic has been unleashed on the world. Bobby Cotton and his wife, Alice lead a group of survivors to the Holy Land.


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