Gary Goddard/Ted King/Andy Belling/Don Grady)



Magic.  Centuries ago there lived the wisest most powerful wizard of all time - Merlin
Although Merlin's magic was the strongest in the whole Kingdom
His greatest strength was that he knew exactly where his power came from...his own heart

Dreams can be Magic, listen to the voice
The voice that's inside your heart

(Arthur) Merlin, Merlin  is that you?
(Merlin) Arthur my boy, in the flesh
And today we're going to start with the Lesson about the sword,
I hope you finally get it,  Excalibur
(A) Excalibur, awesome! I'm ready Merlin
I've been practicing all morning
Everything you taught me
I knew it was the sword with the stone
(M) Really?
(A) Come on, let me try
(M) Hey, not so fast my little Lord, take a seat right there
Now look, in magic, as in all things, we must start with the small things
and work our way up.

The magic that's around you
The magic that surrounds you
Is the kind of magic
You're the very heart of

Its the magic in the trees
The magic on a breeze
Its the magic of the world
Which you're a part of

Open your eyes boy
Open your heart and soul
Let the world embrace you
and you're on your way

Open your eyes boy
Open your mind and body
The world is filled with magic everyday

The real power is inside you Arthur

The magic that's around you
The magic that surrounds you
Is a magic that is yours
If you believe it

Its the magic in the air
That's right
It's the magic everywhere
If you're open to its power
You'll receive it

Look at your life boy
Look at that road ahead
Starting from this moment
You must find your way

Look at your life boy
Every path leads to adventure
Your life is what you make it everyday

Pay attention Arthur my boy,
There's a lot more to nature than just magic and video games
There's beauty too.....a lot!
Race you to the top