Behind Rick Springfield

Or would that be Rick Springfield's behind.  No one is more fascinated with it, than he is :-)  He talks about it throughout
the show, from "don't touch my butt", to "who touched my butt", to "that's a lot of people that saw my naked butt"
Whatever the case, it's a very nice conjunction.

As a matter of fact, even HE can't keep his hands off it!
Los Angeles, CA 9/07/02

Florence, IN 8/27/05
Photo by JS

Grand Ronde, OR 11/19/04

Harris, MI 3/05/04

Milwaukee, WI 5/07/04
Photo by Lynn Miracola

Cleveland, OH 6/18/04

Milwaukee, WI 5/08/04
Photo by Lauri Jaffe

St. Louis, MO 11/16/02

Onamia, MN 11/03/00
Photo by Debra Rayta

Milwaukee, WI 5/10/05
Photo by Lisa Caughhorn

Merrillville, IN 9/24/05
Photo by Debra Rayta

Milwaukee, WI 5/07/04
Photo by Nancy Hubbard

Red Bank, NJ 8/19/05

Cromwell, CT  6/17/04
Photo by Annie Tubis

Atlantic City, NJ 7/23/04
Photo by Annie Tubis

Uncasville, CT 5/21/06
Photo by Annie Tubis

Milwaukee, WI 5/10/06
Photo by Laura Hoppe

Atlantic City, NJ 5/20/06
Photo by Rosie Malthaner

Mohegan Sun, CT 5/21/06
Photo by Rosie Malthaner

Milwaukee, WI 5/08/04

Atlantic City, NJ 2/17/07

Henderson, NV 6/08/07

Vinton, LA 4/18/08

Henderson, NV 3/01/08

New Brunswick, NJ 3/28/08
Photo by Mary Miller

Ventura, CA 8/08/2000

Photo by Kriss Milts


Cherokee, NC (soundcheck) 6/21/08

Photo by Kelley Pearson

Beaver Creek, CO 8/29/09

Photo by Bruce Butler


Syracuse, NY 9/02/09

Photo by Pam Geiger

Arnold, MO 9/12/09

Photo by Charlotte Poe

Duluth, GA 2/06/09

Photo by Dawn Harford


Milwaukee, WI 3/06/02

Photo by JS

Baltimore, MD 6/01/07

Photo by Dancy Zahn


Denver, CO 3/12/04

Photo by Susan George


Burgettstown, PA 11/20/99

Photo by Lisa Beltowski


Atlanta, GA 5/14/04

Photo by Keith Eberhardt


Fort Yates, ND 8/21/04

Photo by Dianne Stroh

Los Angeles, CA 9/18/04


Shakopee, MN 9/08/00

Photo by Stacy Shepard

Cedar Park, TX 11/2/18
Photo by Renata Hearn

Dallas, TX 9/27/19
Photo by Renata Hearn