Fans Sing Don't Talk to Strangers

Rick will have several members of the audience sing "Don't Talk to Strangers".  Some of the comments you'll hear:
You've been practicing, see you don't even have to sing in tune........

Amanda Johnson
Waukesha, WI  6/23/05

Tami Andrade
Orem, UT  6/11/04


Beth Hower
St. Petersburg, FL 11/14/04

Cyndi O'Hora
Milwaukee, WI 5/12/05

Helaine Fox
Foxwoods, CT 5/01/04

Milwaukee, WI 5/10/07

Julia Malthaner
Bergen, NJ 8/09/07


Kayleigh Grantz
Chandler, AZ 3/10/07

Lori Z.'s daughter
Osage City, KS 4/14/06

Lori and daughter Madison

St. Charles, IL 8/08


Rachel Reichard
Cleveland, OH 5/28/06


Logan and Emily Reichard
Rio Puerco, NM 4/14/07

Nashville, TX 2/16/08

Stateline, NV 5/30/09

Photo by Heather Schmitt


Asheville, NC 7/31/09

Photo by Heather Fueger


Isabelle Ward

Kansas City, MO 11/22/08

Photo by Ronni Richards



Milwaukee, WI 5/08/10

Photo by Renata Hearn


Milwaukee, WI 5/05/10
Photo by Charlotte Poe

Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise 11/15/10
Welcome Aboard Concert
Photo by Diana Lawrence

Grapevine, TX 12/10/11
Photo by Charlotte Poe

Verona, NY 7/08/11
Photo by Michelle Tellier

Evans, GA 6/08/12
Photo by Kelley Pearson

Chester, WV 7/2/11

Photo by Charlotte Poe


Westbury, NY 7/9/11

Photo by Rosie Malthaner

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