Girls do make passes at boys who wear glasses

St. Louis, MO 11/16/02
Photo by Renata Hearn

Cleveland, OH 9/05/05
Photo by Kelly Pivoney

Chicago, IL 6/14/03
Photo by Susan  George

Saratoga, CA 7/23/00
Photo by Kriss Milts

Kelseyville, CA 11/20/04
Photo by Renata Hearn

Milwaukee, WI 5/8/07
photo by Renata Hearn

New York, NY (WB Studios) 7/14/05
Photo by Nancy Hubbard

Las Vegas, NV 12/31/04 (sound check)
Photo by Laurie Polturak

Milwaukee, WI 5/07/04
Photo by Renata Hearn

Ft. Yates, ND 8/21/04
Photo by Renata Hearn

Las Vegas, NV 11/11/01
USO Benefit

Auburn Hills, MI 11/16/01
Photo by Renata Hearn

Milwaukee, WI (Blu) 5/10/08
photo by Renata Hearn

Elizabeth, IN 9/26/08

(someone else's glasses)

Photo by Darla Gerken

MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV
Rick's 53rd Birthday Bash
Photo by Renata Hearn

Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise - Welcome Aboard Concert
Soundcheck - 11/13/08
photo by Laura Hoppe

St. Charles, IL 8/13/09

Photo by Jeanne Johnson


Arnold, MO 9/12/09

Photo by Charlotte Poe


Fort Worth, TX 8/01/09

Photo by Susie Burgert


Richardson, TX 5/15/09

Photo by Kim V. & Jim Distin


San Bernardino, CA 10/01/09

Photo by Diana Lawrence


Milwaukee, WI 5/11/05

Photo by Renata Hearn

E. Rutherford, NJ  2/12/04

WLPJ True Romance Dance

Photo by Stacey Hofman

Verona, NY 7/24/10

Photo by Mary Miller

Verona, NY 7/08/11

Photo by Rosie Malthaner


The Woodlands, TX 1/17/14

Photo by Renata Hearn




Salisbury, MA 4/16/15

Photo by Karen Auffrey



Kalamazoo, MI 6/4/16

Photo by Karen Berean


Interlochen, MI 7/27/16

Photo by Karen Berean


Florence, IN 5/21/16

Photo by Carol Mercer