"the grab"

Whether he's being playful, expressing some sexual angst, doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation
or maybe just has an itch (ha), you'll definitely see this move a time or two during the show.

St. Petersburg, FL 11/14/04
Photo by JS

Lake Charles, LA 9/10/05
Photo by Susan Young

Milwaukee, WI 5/13/05
Photo by Jeanne Johnson

(hidden grab)
Red Wing, MN 10/07/05
Photo by Laurie Polturak 

Bonner Springs, KS 9/20/03
Photo by Terri Coe

Pontiac, MI 9/03/05
Photo by Jen Haskin

Milwaukee, WI 5/13/05
Photo by Lisa Caughhorn

Mahnomen, MN 11/06/04
Photo by Jill Fahey

Cleveland, OH 9/05/05
Photo by Kelly Pivoney

Milwaukee, WI 5/09/06
Photo by Debra Rayta

Tunica, MS 9/16/05
Photo by Renata Hearn

Fort Worth, TX 2/02/08
photo by Charlotte Poe

Vinton, LA 6/18/08
photo by Charlotte Poe

Vicksburg, MS 4/19/08
photo by Renata Hearn

Milwaukee, WI 5/08/08
photo by Charlotte Poe

Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise - Welcome Aboard Concert
Photo by Shelly Tuma
(the subtle grab)

Asheville, NC 7/31/09

Photo by Mary Miller


Vinton, LA 6/16/07

Photo by Bruce Butler

St. Charles, IL 8/13/09

Photo by Kelly Pivoney

Walker, MN 7/17/04

Photo by Renata Hearn

sex symbol