I Get Excited

From 1998 until midway through 2005, Rick would perform I Get Excited (fondly referred to by fans as IGE), and would
pick a fan to come get under the guitar with him, and help him sing the 2nd verse (this fan is known as "the guitar girl").
What started out as a rather calm practice, eventually became somewhat out of control, to the point that
Rick has stopped doing it.  But this is how it was, while it lasted.

Guitar Girl - Tina Wyche
Las Vegas, NV 9/02/00

Guitar Girl - Amy Shelin Primorac
Joliet, IL 11/02/00

Guitar Girl - Rhonda Herzog
Milwaukee, WI 5/21/03

Guitar Girl - Amy Larson
Milwaukee, WI 5/13/05

Guitar Girl - Kelly Pivoney
Milwaukee, WI 5/11/05

Guitar Girl - Laurie Bennett
Tucson, AZ 5/21/05

Guitar Girl - Amanda Chapman
Corpus Christi, TX 7/30/04

Guitar Girl - Sally Griffin
Tunica, MS 7/25/03

Guitar Girl - Shelia Deming
Memphis, TN 5/22/04

Guitar Girl - Sandy Hall
Calgary, Alberta Canada 7/12/04

blast from the past