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February 2, 2006

Rod:  Joining us on the phone is Rick Springfield.  Good morning, Rick. 

Rick:  Good morning, guys.

Rod:  Thank you so much for coming on with us today.

Rick:  That was very funny. [Teresa had some alone time on the phone with Rick before the interview.]

Rod:  Teresa is. . .

Teresa:  I know youíre going to embarrass me, letís just be professional and brief.

Rick:  That how most people. . ..

Rod:  You know sheís sliding out of the chair right now.

Teresa:  Shut up!

Rick:  Laughing

Rod:  Sliding out of the chair!  Rick Springfield our guest on the phone.  You know, girls have been calling all morning.  This has been your life Rick Springfield, your life. . .chicks!  CHICKS!  What a great life!  Chicks love you!

Rick:  There are worse things.

Rod:  Chicks love this guy.  Now, I remember watching you on VH1 Behind the Music and you are talking about all this depression stuff.  And, Iím like (Rick laughing in the background) wait a minute, hang on a second ..

Teresa:  Itís Rick Springfield!

Rod:  How can this guy be depressed.  The phone lines have been ringing all day.  Girls want to know about GH or whatever, they want to know. . .Rick Springfield, whenís he going to be on?  How could you have ever been depressed a day in your life? 

Rick:  Ummm, well thereís only so much time, I was depressed that there was only so much time.  So little time and so many girls!

Teresa:  Well, and thereís only one Rick Springfield, and Iím sure you had people grabbing you at every angle -- record labels this and that.   I mean. . .

Rick:  No, I went through a pretty dark time after actually around 1986 or 1987.  You know it had been a rocket ride and I hadnít really paid attention to what was going on inside me and it was, you know, we all like the great attention and everything -- itís still your career and your life -- so yeah.  I was always a moody kid anyways, but I am completely done with the depression thing now.  I ended up being the depression poster child for a while.

Rod:  Well, listen. . ..

Rick:  I kind of moved on from that now. 

Rod:  Youíve got no reason to be depressed and now this is a big deal.  I know like a lot of the chicks that have been calling up.  Youíre returning to GH, youíve been gone for how long?

Rick:  23 years actually.

Rod:  Did you have like amnesia or were you lost?  Like how did they write you back into the story?  Did you take a wrong a turn in Albuquerque?

Teresa:  I know Dr. Noah Drake is an alcoholic right now?

Rick:  Yeah, well he actually went to rehab and heís fighting that now.  Accordingly to their story, he went on to have a great career and then got married and had a kid and then operated on his wife and she died and that kind of drove him to alcohol and now he is dealing with an estranged son.  Which is great for me because I have kids (although we have a great relationship) but working with anything like that, that is meaningful, is always good for an actor.  So they have written a lot of baggage for the guy basically.

Rod:  Rick Springfield is our guest on the phone.

Teresa: And Rod, Iím going to let you know what a big deal this is that Rick Springfield is back on GH.  My mother watched GH from the get go, got me going on it like when I was 7 so I have been watching it.  Itís a big deal for my mother.  She is so excited, Iím excited, girls younger than me are excited (Rick laughing in the background), thereís like generations of excitement going on, Rod. 

Rod:  Rick, are you having fun with this?  Like returning is fun, right?

Rick:  Yeah, itís been a lot of fun.  Like I said, they have written some interesting things for the character.  Before, when I first on, I was the smoothie, the smooth doctor. . .

Teresa:  And, you had sex with everybody!

Rick:  Yeah, yeah and if there had been a pop tent around I probably would have done some of the guys too! 

(All laughing)

Rod:  Rick Springfield our guest on the phone.  Now, outside of GH, I know there was a movie, and, listen, when I look at some of the TV credits, when I think about like when I was younger, dude, you were in some of the biggest TV shows of the day.  Okay, now let me run through some of these -- Battlestar Galactic (huge fan!), $6 Million Man (for crying out loud, was there anybody cooler than Col. Steve Austin?), but, you were on the Rockford Files.  Did you get to ride in the Firebird (Jim Rockfordís Firebird)?

Rick:  I did not.  I got to throw a piano in a pool though, which was a lot of fun.

Rod:  Thatís not bad.  Iíll take it -- he was on the Incredible Hulk, and then, bro, listen, it may have been my first time when I was a little kid  -- Wonder Women!  Linda Carter, that was the first chick I ever hung up in my room.  You were on Wonder Women!!

Rick:  She was hot!

Rod:  Oh my God!  So, were you a villain?  What was the episode of Wonder Women?  Do you remember?

Rick:  Oh, I did two of them actually.  But it was, you know, they werenít the best story lines.  Letís be honest.

Rod:  Who cares -- Linda Carter (talking over Rick)

Rick:  in hindsight anything is really great.  I played some college student who she helped out and then on the next one I played some crazy band member in some band that was killing people or something, I donít know. (laughing)

Rod:  Now, what about the rock career?  I know that you are still out touring.  Rick Springfield is still out jamming and rocking out.

Teresa:  And, you know what, Grammy winner for Jessieís Girl.  We are going to be at the Grammyís next week, Rick.  First time, weíre newbies! 

Rod:  Oh yeah, do you have any advice for us.  Itís our first time going to the Grammyís.  What should be do?

Rick:  Take a lunch.

Rod:  Oh really, pack a lunch?

Rick:    If you are in the chairs, itís looong.  You canít move because then suddenly there are holes for the cameras, you know, thereís holes in the theatre and they donít like that..  No, no you canít move!  So, pack a lunch.

Rod:  Iím sure we are in the seats where itís not going to matter if we get up, and no one is going to notice.  We are going to be in like the last row -- Iím sure of it!

Rick:  Well, they donít like holes in the audience.

Rod:  Now Rick, tell me about like jamming out because I remember a couple of years back I was in Vegas and I know that you were doing the show EFX.

Rick:  Yeah, that was a blast actually.  They first came to me actually when Michael Crawford left the show.  He started the show after Phantom, and I said Iím not going to Vegas -- you got to be kidding me!  And then I thought, and they kept asking me for some reason, and a couple of years later I actually went up and saw the show and it was amazing.  It was the biggest stage I had ever seen, it had this 50 ft. dragon, there were spaceships landing on the stage, there was a great 3-D movie, music and dancing -- it was really a unique show.  And they said they build it around each star that they had in there so it kind of became your own personal show, you know, so it was great.  I thought I would do it for a year, but then 911 hit and it made traveling hard for us so I did it for a second year.

Rod:  Oh wow, I didnít know that was around that time. So what about now, youíre jamming --youíre rockiní out -- youíre still jamminí as Rick Springfield and you are on tour, right?

Rick:  Iíve been out touring with my music since about 1998 again, and I have the most amazing band and itís really more fun than it was back in the 1980ís for us.  We go out a couple of days and then come home because we all have families and none of us want to go out for like 3 or 4 months, you know, so we go out for 3 or 4 days, fly everywhere, do great shows, hit some cities and then head home and we are all still friends.  You know, the stewardesses on the planes actually have remarked that they canít believe weíre sitting together and talking to each other because they are so use to bands who are sitting at one end of the plane and the other is sitting on the other end of the plane. (laughing)

Rod:  So you guys are having fun this go around?

Rick:  Totally!  It so much fun.  The show is a real high energy show and itís very audience involved and . . .

Rod:  Youíre involved because if you are doing GH and you are out on tour, I mean, I can imagine your schedule is grueling.

Rick:  Yeah, it got to be too much last time which is why I left GH the first time because it was really hard to do both.  They are aware that Iím touring, or that Iíll start touring in February, you know, itís open, I havenít signed anything and theyíre not saying you know you need to sign something and we are just keeping it open and see how it works for us all.

Teresa:  Okay, Iím going to ask a dumb geeky girl question, but do you still wear the colored Chucks?  Iíve seen you live a couple of times -- do you like still wear the pink Chucks (like Charles Taylor) -- remember on your original album?

Rick:  Yeah, yeah, actually, yeah, I used to wear white oneís all the time and then when I started, you know, in the 1980ís I started dying them different colors -- one purple with pink laces and one pink with purple laces, and you know, black with yellow and yellow with black.  Converse came to me and said would you do a poster for us because we want to start doing this, and I said I didnít want to do that -- but, they brought it out anyway.  We started the color sneaker thing. 

Rod:  I didnít know that.  rickspringfield.com  Weíve got a link up on the website.  I know heís got to fly -- Rick, thank you so much, youíre cool!

Teresa:  Thank you so much.

Rick:  Youíre very welcome, guys.  It was a blast!

Rod:  Take care.

Rick:  See ya.

[Transcript provided by Charlotte Poe]