(words and music by Rick Springfield) 

She loved the man
That stayed the night
That made the child
Lord it seemed so right

Her mamma cried
And her daddy swore
It nearly broke her heart
She needed so much more

Life begin a Child Within
Life begin a Child Within

Who can say
Why lovers part
She'll always keep a place for him
Inside her heart
He writes a bit
And people seem sincere
But she wished they'd call it more than
Just a souvenir

Life begin a Child Within
Life begin a Child Within

She fell in love
Was that a crime
She's not a bad girl
But you know it happens all the time
You give yourself
To the one you love
Tomorrow heartbreak
You never dream of

Life begin a Child Within
Life begin a Child Within
Life begin a Child Within

(total playing time: 3:17)

Song Facts: This can be found on the Anthology CD.

Footnote - background photo was taken in Oroville, CA on 10/8/03 by Renata Hearn.  Rick is exercising HIS child within :-:

According to US

The first time I heard this song, I cried. It was a really awful scenario really, because I was cleaning my shower. I just acquired the Anthology CD and had popped it in while I was doing housework, and well - here's me standing in the shower in my master bathroom - cleaning supplies scattered about and scrubber in hand - and my husband comes home and sees me standing there crying. He thinks I've injured myself. After the song has finished, and I wipe my eyes and try to explain that it was a "new to me" Rick song...well I think that was the start of a series of looks my husband throws at me when I mention anything Springfield. I have been a very weepy person since childbirth, I think some of those hormones are still left over because I can tear up at the drop of the hat over some stupid commercial, or just seeing a sweet kid in the store. I'm a sap.

I don't know why I decided to share that, but I just keep remembering the first time I heard this song, and unfortunately for me I've got standing in a shower crying as that memory. I was profoundly taken by these lyrics. I kept thinking that this was a very insightful man to be able to write lyrics with such meaning about being "with child." The way Rick sings the chorus, the "life begin" as if he's almost God himself commanding a soul into this new life. I have to admit, I'd always heard the chorus as "life begin, oh child within" it must be my catholic upbringing. The way also, that Rick enunciates each word, as almost as if it's such a painful story to tell but he's going to tell it anyway. My favorite part of this song is when Rick sings, "You give yourself to the one you love, tomorrow heartbreak you never dream of." Is he referring to the heartbreak of the breakup of the relationship or the heartbreak of being a single parent, or just the heartbreak of being a parent, period?

I'm quite curious though why Rick has written a few songs pertaining to this subject, about a girl getting pregnant by some slouch that she loved anyway-and apparently they are not married. Weep No More from Comic Book Heroes comes to mind, as well as Lead Me On/The Unhappy Ending from Beginnings. Is this a topic that fascinates Rick, or does he have some firsthand experience? Hmmm...

All in all, this is one of my favorites off the Anthology CD and I've always been curious to know more about this song. I guess it's another one of those topics I need to save for when we actually put that kidnapping/duct tape plan into motion :-)  - Michelle P.

I've always liked this song. I agree with what was said earlier, it reminds me a little of "What Would the Children Think", in the sense that it's written more from the female point of view. It's just amazing what a sensitive, insightful guy Rick was at such a young age. I absolutely love the sound of his voice on this, too. - rlh