(words and music by Rick Springfield)          

Well I took Annie out 
To see a show 
But the music that played 
Was just too slow
And I knew 
If I was gonna to make any ground 
I'd have to get her some place 
Where the music was loud
I said "okay babe what do you wanna do" 
We can cut on out 
If you want to
She looked at me and said 
"Just what this place needs 
is some good ol' rock and roll 
right from the seeds" 

I watched in a funk 
As she climbed on the stage 
And when she opened her mouth 
She could really rave 
She sang like a bird 
And moved like a snake 
Suddenly the hall began to shake

Everybody  started rocking 
On the dance hall floor 
Moving and a shaking 
And wanting more 
So Annie gave out with a bit of soul
She nearly brought the roof down 
With all her rock and roll

Everybody started singing 
With the songs that she sang 
Even Big Lucy and her female gang 
Her music was loud 
Things were getting hot 
Whatever it is 
Annie's sure got

Ooh everybody started singing 
With the songs that she sang 
Even Big Lucy and her female gang 
The music was loud 
Things are getting hot 
Whatever it is 
Annie's sure got

Yeah Yeah Annie Goodbody 
Annie Goodbody, Annie Goodbody
I love you 
Annie Goodbody, Annie Goodbody
Annie Goodbody, I love you
Oh Annie Goodbody, I love you
Yes I do 
Annie Good, Annie Good, Annie Good,
Annie Good, Annie Goodbody
You know I love you
Oh, no, no Annie Goodbody
Annie Goodbody, Annie Good, oh, oh.....

(total playing time: 3:52)

This song can be found on the Beginnings LP.


According to US

I love her name. I wonder if she was/is modeled after someone Rick knew? I know once he had stated that the woman's names that he uses in songs ARE from ladies that he had been acquainted with, so it just makes me curious as to how good her body really was :-)

This song is so cool in the way it sounds like Rick is telling you a story, and how it starts out slow and builds up, just like when you get excited telling someone something and you've just gotta get it out before you bust. He does sound in the beginning as if he is almost talking. I find myself liking the 'story songs' by Rick a lot more than his other stuff. I don't know why that is, but it just seems that the song goes by much faster for some reason.

My favorite line in this song has got to be, "I said okay babe what do you wanna do" I think it's the "babe" part. Makes me grin every time. This is also another song where I totally screwed up the words from what I thought Rick was saying, and what he really is saying. I thought at the end of this verse he was saying, "some good ol' rock and roll right from the seats" and of course, it's which I went, huh? when I read that. Ok, whatever you say Rick. 

I too, have no idea about the reference of Big Lucy and her female gang. Reminds me of some fans I've met..LOL, but that's another review I think. All in all, this is a really good song to finish up the album with, like going out with a bang. - Michelle P.

I'm wondering if Rick had just watched a James Bond movie when he came up with the character name for this song, fits right in.

Here I am again, alone in my little corner.  This is my least favorite song on the album.  It's the one song I'd actually skip when listening to the whole album.   It just doesn't grab me.   I do like it when he screams. - rlh