MOTHER CAN YOU CARRY  ME                  
(words and music by Rick Springfield)     

When I was younger than tomorrow 
When I was wise as yesterday 
When I could share my brother's sorrow 
Even then you went away

When my heart was yours to play with
Though yours was never mine 
And when I was there to lay with 
Even then you had no time

Mother can you carry me 
Clear across the sky 
Mother can you carry me 
Show me how to fly high

Now I am wise as tomorrow 
And I am young as yesterday 
No I have nothing but my sorrow 
Yesterday tomorrow and today

Mother can you carry me 
Clear across the sky 
Mother can you carry me 
Show me how to fly high

(total playing time:  4:27)

Song Facts:  This song can be found on  Beginnings.  Rick performed part of this song live in Harris, MI on 6/17/00 (2nd show)

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I'm writing this review from two perspectives. I'm finding it necessary to do so with Rick's music, because the older I get, the more meaning I find. I think that this is a good thing however much I hate saying the term "the older I get."

When I first acquired this album in the late 80's (see my cover art review for that story) I did what I usually do with all new (to me) Rick music. I listened to it to death. I play it over and over and over until it is no longer something new. It is now something familiar. Since this is the first song on this album, I must've listened to this one more times than any other. However, back then the music did nothing for me either personally or spiritually - so I shelved it. That and the fact I no longer had a turntable...

I always related this song to Mary, the mother of Jesus. I'm a good catholic girl (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and I was raised in the catholic faith, so this made so much sense to me. "Mother can you carry me" meant just me for I am in a time of need. I cannot walk on my own, please help me through this. "Show me how to fly" show me how to succeed. "When I could share my brother's sorrow, even then you went away" There are times when Catholics feel like their faith has left them. I lived with that impression for many years. I shared in sorrow with my siblings, and no one was there to "save me." This song was a comforting song for me, to hear Rick in such a melodic way express his faith. Or so I thought.

Flash forward to just a few months ago. I started listening to this album again in June, when a little bird told me it would be necessary :-). I realized I really missed these songs. This song in particular "spoke" to me in a new way.

I realized "I" am the mother now. I hear this song as my child, speaking out to me - "Mother can you carry me?" I would carry my child, across the sky, across the world, wherever they need me to take them, I am there. I read these lyrics, and they sound more and more like a child singing, "When I was
younger than tomorrow. When I was wise as yesterday" Ever take care of a newborn? They are days old, yet have more wisdom than some adults I've met. They will look at you with this look of contentment like they know all the answers and it's up to you to screw them up. The next verse, "When my heart
was yours to play with, though yours was never mine and when I was there to lay with even then you had no time" Yes, I love my children, but I am not in love with them - and lord I would like nothing better than to just lay with my child and enjoy...but there's always something to be done. Work, school, dishes, laundry, dinner...yet that's all a child wants, just for you to be with them. As I'm writing this now, my daughter is at my side...just wanting to spend some time. So now I'm going to go do just that..."yesterday tomorrow and today". - Michelle P.

I get the  basic premise of this song, he was in love with someone who wasn't in love with him, and he's sad.  But specifically, I don't get a lot of the lines - "when I could share my brother's sorrow.....(hey, it rhymes with tomorrow)....And the whole Mother thing, and why clear across the he wanting to die because he's so heartbroken?

I do love the way that even early on, Mr. Horndog was working sex into his songs - "when I was there to lay with", what a nice, radio friendly (for the 70's) way to put that......

And can I just say that no Rick Springfield song should ever have a brass instrument in it....uck.....give me the guitar, the piano/keyboards, and drums any day.  A violin, maybe, but a TUBA or a French Horn???  ugh...- rlh