(words  by Rick Springfield) 

Doctor, doctor you gotta help me, yeah 
You gotta make it right for me 
It seems this other man's name has been following me around 
And it just won't let me be
You see, I got this name and he's got this name too and though,
Well they're kinda close only a blind crazy fool
Would think I was him it's like saying green is blue
But let me tell you brother, started being a bother 
When he made the cover of Time magazine

I was at this party in the well-hilled hills
Just the other night
Her name was Shelly, I introduced myself
She just smiled and said "all right"
Well we got talkin' and drinkin' wine 
And she said she liked my music thought it was fine 
She said, "Let's make love, your place or mine" 
And in the middle of the passion I was on the borderline  When she called out a name but it wasn't mine

She called me Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear her calling Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear her calling Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear her 
My name is Rick I'm gonna stick it to ya babe

There's this kid walking carrying a guitar 
You know I told him that I played 
He asked me my name you know I told him 
I said it plain as clear as day 
Well he seemed really, clearly, sincerely impressed 
And as he pulled a piece of paper for me to sign from his vest
He said, "I thought Born To Run was one of your best" 
Awww, wait a minute man, who do you think I am? 
He answered, "Mr. Springsteen, you're a famous man."

He called me Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear him calling Bruce, Bruce 
He called me Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear him 
My name is Richard gonna hitch it to you babe

You know my mama called me long distance yesterday 
And as she got off the phone I swear I heard her say

Bye bye Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear her calling Bruce, Bruce 
She called me Bruce, Bruce 
I can hear her 
My name is Ricky gonna stick it to you babe

She called me Bruce...what?
She called me Bruce
She called me Bruce

(total playing time: 3:36)

Song Facts: This appears on Beautiful Feelings, Anthology, and Rick Springfield The Early Sound City Sessions.  The version that appears on Beautiful Feelings is different from the one that is on Anthology, The Anthology version is the one Rick was involved with.  Bruce was part of a Medley Rick performed from early in
the Karma Tour.  This Medley can be found on Greatest Hits Alive, but Bruce was cut from the recording.


According to US

"Doctor, Doctor, you gotta help me yeah" So starts one of the most guilty-pleasure songs a Rick Springfield fan could ever have. "It seems this other man's name has been following me around" Oh lord, that just makes me want to laugh. See, I thought it was just me that happened to. Apparently Rick was already sick of it, way at the beginning of his career. What cracks me up even more, is knowing that Bruce Springsteen was experiencing the same type of mistaken-identity woes. I saw an interview with him once, and the interviewer asked him which question he always heard that really made him mad. He said, "Ask me about Jessie's Girl." 

I've heard every variation known to man of the slaughter of these two musicians' names. Rick Springsteen. Bruce Springfield. Whichever, or however you want to say it -- just makes me want to reach out and grab that moron who is making the reference and give them a shake. Do you NOT pay attention? Have you no shame, not knowing they are two different people? Sigh...

This catchy tune takes me right back to the 80's. Even though here in America, we didn't "get" this song until 1984, it was included on the Working Class Dog album in Australia. I'm thinking Polygram threw it on BF to capitalize on that other Spring-guy's mega hit "Born in the USA", which was huge in '84. I remember this song being EVERYWHERE on the radio in '84 where I live. All of my friends knew it, would sing along with me in the car on our weekend nights out. They would tease the heck out of me when the lines, "Her name was Shelly.." came about - knowing that the Shelly in reference called Rick "Bruce". (backstory: All of my family, and some of my closest friends call me Shell or Shelly. Finally, I get a song from Rick with my name in it (somewhat) and it doesn't come out favorable. Just my luck.)

I raced right out and bought the album. Listened dutifully, learning all the words to all the songs - until one day I found out this was released (the album) without Rick's permission. As a matter of fact, Rick wanted nothing to do with it. I remembered seeing him on tour in '85 fully expecting at least this song to be performed, and...nothing. Not one word, not one mention during that whole concert. I was confused. I spurned the album, burying it among long forgotten Shawn Cassidy's and Andy Gibb's collecting dust under my bed.

For about 12-13 years, I went without listening to this album or this song. When my Rick-obsession was re-ignited in 1997 I decided to dig out some of the really old stuff and listen again. It was like the most-glorious music to my ears. I remembered how much I loved this song, and how much fun and carefree my life was back then. I believe that is what music is supposed to do for you, make you feel good about yourself. Every time I listen now, I laugh at the camp-i-ness of the words, and the "woos" and "Ows" coming out of my speakers. This may not be the best song Rick Springfield has ever written, but it sure ranks up there with one of the most delightful. - Michelle P.

Back in the 80's when I heard this song, I don't think I really got it. I'm not even sure I knew he was referring to Bruce Springsteen in this song. I knew who Rick was, I knew who Bruce was and besides the first 6 letters in their last name, there's just nothing that would cause anyone to mix them up, that I can see. I mean people don't confuse Rick with Dusty Springfield (well, actually I do have an interview where this moron did introduce him as that, but I think that was a rare occasion), and Rick has about as much in common with her as he does with Bruce.

However, fast forward about 15 years, and I totally get it now, just because of the number of times I've personally head to deal with the "not Springsteen, SPRINGFIELD" thing. What I love so much about this song is that I think it totally shows Rick's sense of humor. He has such a great sense of humor about so many things, especially himself, and I'm not sure a lot of people on the "outside" know this, and this is a perfect example of how he tends to look at things. I mean even his mother gets them confused (in the song)...... - rlh

First, I have to say it, I love this song! This song takes me back to the 80s very quickly. I had this song on 45, I never had the BF album then - how I ended up with just the 45 I'm not sure. I am sure I still have the 45 stored somewhere. But this was just a fun song to listen to back then. I had NO CLUE what level the confusion between Rick & Bruce really was. In fact I'm guessing I thought it was something more done tongue in cheek than something written to reflect reality. I suppose I figured if I knew the difference why didn't everyone?? But then I don't think I got the double meaning of the line "My name is Rick and I'm going to stick it to you babe" (I was likely in the 11 or 12 year old range )

Fast forward a whole bunch of years and NOW I get it. Now I've seen first hand all the mix ups and confusion. I think I got my crabbiest when it was the 5th or 6th time coworkers or extended family told me about a Today Show appearance a few years back (by Bruce not Rick). Or my other 'favorite' Rick Springsteen. No no no no no. Most of the time I can sweetly correct them because it's simply a mistake on their side (they don't intend to be rude) - but I so agree with the lyric "only a blind crazy fool would think I was him" yeah BLIND is right. So I try to look at it like those that confuse the two likely are not even big fans of Bruce either - they are just clueless. 

Thankfully most of the people around me are now educated enough to get it right but it still pops up from time to time so I only imagine if I was in Rick's place how much more irritating it could be. So I'm glad he could find the humor in it all and write this great song. The examples he relates in this song - and his reactions to them are just hilarious!

Listening to it today - another favorite spot is the "WHAT!?!" That sound bite could be taken out of ANY concert! ~Jen H.

"Doctor, Doctor"…..and I am hooked already. Those first couple of words always did thrill the heck out of me. I love this song, and hearing it on the radio `way back when' was a real treat. The lyrics, the music, the `story' about it all, were just amusing to me. I still get a kick out of it. His voice is really sexy and those little OW's are just a hoot!

A few years went by between `listens' to this one, but when I heard it again after such a long time, I was amazed at how I still knew EVERY word to it! I think this was one of my favorite songs on this album and one of my all-time favorite Rick songs.

BUT, what I want to know is, how the hell could ANYone EVER mistaken Rick Springfield for Bruce Springsteen??!! OMG, a bigger difference between two human beings never existed. "Only a blind crazy fool would think I was him" is exactly right!! LOL Poor Rick, I was always glad to see (thru this song) that he could laugh about it and make such a cute song about his "mistaken identity". - Amy L.

This has got to be one of Rick's most comical songs to date! There are a few others that cause me to giggle or laugh out loud, but this one is just a riot for me. Personally I have NO IDEA how anyone in their right mind could ever mistake Rick for Bruce, since they don't even look slightly alike! LOL Just that concept alone is enough to crack me up. Now don't hate me Springsteen fans (*ducks head*) but I don't care too much for the music of Springsteen. I just dislike how most of it sounds, and don't care for the way he sings either. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he is definitely not for me. So of course, the whole idea is absurd to me. Must be the names…Springsteen, Springfield. Must be! "You see I got this name and he's got this name too though, well they're kind of close only a blind crazy fool would think I was him, it's like saying green is blue."

Rick obviously got a kick out of it too, being mistaken for Bruce. I love the way he sets the song up like a little story, with his encounters with those who think he's Bruce. The Shelly story is a hoot! Poor Rick….gets this woman home, after she invites him to "make love" (mmm hmm!), finds himself getting into it, on the "borderline," when she calls out the name Bruce. LOL How could she??! That's a sure turn off for anyone, calling out the wrong name!

She said, "Let's make love, your place or mine"
And in the middle of the passion I was on the borderline
When she called out a name but it wasn't mine, she called me Bruce."

I think it's cute how he says, "My name is Rick I'm gonna stick it to ya babe," and also "my name is Richard gonna hitch it to ya babe." He doesn't have to hitch it to me! It's been hooked on since as far back as I can remember, and it never seems to leave me!

Even fans on the street want his autograph…(Rick probably thinking it's so wonderful how people are beginning to recognize him and brag on his musical talents!), when the guy tells him, "I thought Born To Run was one of your best…" Well, not AGAIN!

What a funny guy, that Rick…he even worked his "mum" into this song/story! Now that's funny, and totally sarcastic. He even thought his own mother mistakenly called him Bruce over the phone. That wouldn't be a good sign! I like the way he says, "what?" after "she called me Bruce." Thank God Rick can laugh and himself and have such a fun sense of humor.

I love the upbeat music and guitars in this one…definitely the type of music that gets in my head and won't go away. - Kelley Pearson

I love this song. I think it's so funny and yet so sexy. I love the way Rick sings it. I think he wrote this to be funny, but at the same time was probably a little annoyed by the confusion. I mean really, how different could these two men be? I don't believe that Shelly exists except in Rick's imagination. I just can't imagine any woman confusing Rick with anyone else, I just can't go there. I love the music, at times it sounds a little angry, but then kind of fun. I think the part where his own mother calls him Bruce is hysterical, the first time I heard this I laughed out loud. He was probably writing this thinking that he would write incidents into the song to make it understood how annoying it was to be confused with another artist. Maybe Rick should record something like "Born in the land of Oz". LOL  - Elizabeth S.