(words† by Doris Payne & Gregory Carroll)

Just One Look and I felt so all, all, all
In love with you oh, oh†
I found out just how good it feel....eel....eels†
To have your love oh, oh

So you will will be mi.....i....ine†
Forever and always oh, oh†
Just One Look and I knew...ew....ew†
That you were my only one oh, oh

I thought I was dreaming but I was wrong yeah, yeah†
But I'm gonna keep on scheming 'til I can make you, make you my own

So you see, I really care....are...are†
Without you I'm nothing oh, oh†
Just One Look and I know, oh, oh†
I'll get you someday

That's all it took, yeah†
Just One Look that's all it took, yeah
Just One Look that's all it took, yeah
Just One Look that's all it took

(total playing time: 2:28 )

Song Facts: This song appears on Beautiful Feelings and Rick Springfield - The Early Sound City Sessions


According to US

Ok, here we go. The decline of the album, second song in. Such a shame really if you think about it.
I'm not sure what kind of record company executive would listen to this song and think, "Gee...that's really a gem, and I can't imagine why Rick Springfield left this off X album." Hopefully aforementioned Exec is no longer in the record business. This song sucks.

There, I've said it. I have a hard time even listening to the whole darn thing, and it ain't that long of a song. "Just one look, and I felt so all, all, all......ATCHOO!" I swear to God on all that is holy, that is what I think when I listen...it sounds like Rick is about to sneeze. They don't sound like "all's" - they sound like that noise someone makes when they are about to sneeze. Well, at least people I know. Probably because I can't get past that thought; I can't bring myself to even listen to the remainder of the song with a straight face.

"I found out just how good it feel...eel...eels.... for cryin' out loud, you're killing me here. It's like fingers on a chalkboard or something, I just wanna pop him in the back of the head to stop the delayed skip. This irritates me so much, that by the time we get to the i...i...ine and ew... ew....ew's of knew... well, I'm just not there anymore - listening to this song that is.

The drums. The sound of the drums on this song sound like the demo drums of Rick's JG that he recorded at home. You know, the song that was included on the fan club record in the 80's where Rick explains that since he didn't do drums very well, he bashed on pillows. I'm thinking this track must've come from the same recording sessions. Either that, or the budget was so low on this recording, he brought those same pillows from home and used them at the studio. Frugal guy that he is, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that was it.

There, I did it. I managed to get through a review of this song. I wasn't sure it was going to happen, since I had to go back and listen to this one just to see if maybe my distaste had diminished a bit over the years. Unfortunately, it's exactly how I remember it. - Michelle P.

OkÖis it just me, or did this song eventually become the "Pepsi" song? I kept thinking it had a strange resemblance to something I'd heard. This is my least favorite song on this album. I wasn't crazy over it even before my husband pointed out the Pepsi thing. Or before I knew Rick didn't write it. (It didn't sound to me like one he'd write when I first heard it. I thought, "ok..Rick, whatever you say!" Then I learned the truth.) So now, with those 2 factors in play, I like it even less.

About the only decent thing I have to say for this little tuneÖRick's voice sounds heavenly, as usual. The man could sing practically anything in my opinion, and sound good. Vocally of course. Because this is not what I'd consider a "Rick song," music wise or lyrically. Even a few songs that Rick did not write, sound like some he would write, such as "Still Crazy For You," or "I'll Make You Happy." But not this tune! LOLÖThank goodness it's not a Rick original. This is a skip-that-track tune in my book. I can bear it, but I definitely don't prefer it. - Kelley Pearson

Rick didn't write this one....thank God! I knew he couldn't have, it's just a little too cheesy for him. I like when it starts out and that 'magical, mysterious' sounding music starts. BUT, when the lyrics start to drag out, I want to cringe. I do not care for that "feel, eel, eels" part....eewww!!! or any of the other words done that way. Vocally, the song is great, because that sweet, sexy voice cannot be topped. I also like when the beat gets a little faster and we start to go somewhere with it, only to slow down again and we get into "I really care, are, are..." Obviously, this song takes many ups and downs with me...thankfully it is a short song and I don't have to suffer very long. -  Amy L. 

Itís a bit of a relief that Rick did not write this one Ė itís just a bit too cheesy for me. I think I could take the sound of the song but the stretching of the lyrics makes me think that instead of writing more words they just took the last one if every line and gave it way more syllables than necessary. I mean is it really need-ed-ed-ed? Perhaps once or twice for effect but once it starts it just keeps going-ing-ing-ing. And so by the third or fourth instance itís really getting on my nerve-es-es. The one saving grace for this song (to prevent it from being a complete skipper) is the breathy voice that Rick has-as-as. Thatís a nice feature of the song, but the lyrics drags just overdue it for me-e-eeeeeeeeeee.  If you get what I mean  - Jen H.

You know, this really is pretty cheesy, but for me it's kind of fun to listen to, and even more fun is the thought of what the look on Rick's face would be if *he* were listening to it. Oh my. His voice saves this song for me. I'd love to know the story behind why he ever chose to record this one in the first place.
For some reason I hear Linda Ronstadt's voice in my head when I think of this song, so I guess her version is the one I'm most familiar with. Or maybe it is the Pepsi commercial, I do watch a lot of tv.
- rlh