by Rick Springfield

I was driving 'round
As the sun went down 
When I came upon a lake
The sign said Misty Water 
And standing there
With wet and tangled hair 
Was a girl
She said her name was Bo
She was a farmer's daughter 
I said get in, I'll take you home
You must be cold
Misty water woman 
You never get to her 
Misty water woman 
You never get to touch her 
And feel her near

Began to storm
And our talk grew warm
'Till I stopped the car outside a cold and lonely place 
I said we're here 
But she had disappeared
And on the seat was a pool of tears 
And a handkerchief of lace 
I did not see her leave 
I was amazed

Misty water woman 
You never get to her 
Misty water woman
You never get to touch her 
And feel her warmth

I fled into the house 
I begged her father and her mother 
To straighten me out 
What was it all about? 
Please let me know 
She looked sad, and he looked mad 
And he said, yes you're right 
Once we had a daughter 
Her name was Bo
But that was long ago 
Years have gone since she drowned at Misty Water. 
And the way they took it
Took me by surprise

Misty water woman 
You never get to her 
Misty apparition 
You never get to touch her 
And feel her near

(total playing time: 4:37)

Song Facts: This can be found on Comic Book Heroes.


According to US

I'm not a big fan of this song.  I think it's the tune, it just doesn't grab me.  It's almost like he has to stretch out some of the words to go with the melody, and I'm thinking it should be the other way around.  The one thing I do like about this song is that it tells a story and has some depth to it, which some of the previous songs are lacking for me.  And, as in most of the songs, early and recent, I still do like his voice.  And you have to give him points for squeezing in the word apparition. - rlh

I'm glad I wasn't the first one to post that they weren't particularly fond of this song. Ok, so I'm not fond of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a horror junkie, Stephen King groupie all the way...but not when it comes to my music. I think my main beef about this one is that it just seems too damn long. I figured out the "mystery" by the end of the first verse. Also, who in the heck names their daughter Bo? Is she related to Hooky Jo? Pat, I'd like to buy an "e".

Misty Water Woman, sounds like a perfume or at the very least some kind of foo-foo drink you'd order at a bar. 

So Rick's driving around, tells a spooky chick to get in his car without a second thought (oh wait, it was the 70's..nevermind). Then she disappears. Maybe she just hopped out? How do you know it's a pool of tears on the seat? I know, because that sounds better than puddle...or piddle. He didn't see her leave, he was amazed. Why? You drove her home, she got out - you wanted a good nite kiss too?

He goes to the door to ask her parents why Bo is so strange. It's probably got something to do with being female and named Bo. Kids can be so cruel ya know...Little Bo Peep - go find your sheep... no wonder why her mother is sad. He father is mad because there is some long-haired rock n' roll singer at the door asking about his daughter. I know my father would be mad. 

Ok, so she drowned at Misty Water. She did?? <just kidding> Years ago, when this song started.

So, she just wanted a ride home? No haunting kiss, no ghastly apparition to follow him throughout his years? Pretty lame ghost if you ask me :-) - Michelle P.