(Words and Music by Rick Springfield)

Hands old and poor, her back bent and sore 
she lifts from the drawer 
the photograph 
Though tattered and torn, through years it has worn 
but still bears the form of the man she knew
Her eyes are weak, spilling tears on her cheek 
Her lips start to speak to the photograph 
She tells him with pride, she still loves him inside
Though years ago died, la da da da da
la la da la da la da da
la da la da da......

And all of the people she knew 
Who she knows no more
Who don't know the score say 
We wonder why, she never married
such a pretty girl she was, such a lovely face she had
such a pretty thing she was, was

She turns to her right, to put out the light 
and wishes goodnight to 
the photograph
Her love though it's strong and lasted this long
and goes on and on 
she's still alone
la la da la da la da da
la da la da da......

(total playing time: 3:25)

Song Facts: This can be found on Comic Book Heroes.


 According to US

Ah, the proverbial "one great love" song. We knew it would show up eventually. Sometimes I think Rick is a fan of romance novels. In today's society it's hard to imagine someone who is not "old" that would go through life never marrying again because they could never find that mate that would match up to the standard set by the first great love. This is why this song is so appealing to me, I'm not sure it would be possible for me to do such a thing. I visited my grandmother regularly in a nursing facility twice weekly for two years. There were women in residence there who could fit this song, with their photographs by their beds and tears in their eyes upon mention of departed husband. They also talked to their photographs :-) <cute little side note here: My grandmother had pictures of my grandfather and all of her 10 gandchildren. I am her oldest grandchild. The picture representing me wasn't of me & my husband, but of me and Rick. She was so proud that I had met "Dr Noah Drake" and would point out to people regularly that I did. Irked my husband to no end...>

The story in this particular song though makes me think that the old woman never married the man in the photograph. Perhaps he did go off to war when they were only engaged and he never returned home. The illustration inside the album cover makes you believe he was a soldier, and I'd like to continue with the thought that Rick had input for each comic book. The second verse has Rick singing, "We wonder why she never married" so either they didn't or the people wondering didn't know. The line that bugs me however, is the one that says, "such a pretty girl she was" like she's hideous now or something. I've also always heard that line as "such a pretty thing she was, once" and not "was, was". Either way, it's pretty demeaning. Considering the sad demise of her relationship at such an early age, this would explain no children to take care of her in her elder years. 

This song is the only one on the album in my opinion that the la la la's sound appropriate, or at least are not as irritating. This song reminds me of a Peter, Paul & Mary song. Now, before I go getting reprimanded on that one - let me just say that I grew up in a house where music was continually played. When I was a child I had no control over what my parents listened to, and that group was a favorite of my Mother's. It flows kind of like in a "Puff the Magic Dragon" kind of way.  - Michelle P.