Directed by David Fincher

According to US

First off, let me just say right now I hate black & white videos. This is just my need to be in the present, and the past always seems to me to be represented by black & white. So I think that's my distaste for this video...I'd probably like it a whole hell of alot better if the whole thing was in color.

Rick looks older to me in this one, which was probably the effect they were going for by filming it in black & white. I don't like that...I want him looking his usual, young, hunky self at all times! (this is my teenage pout coming out) Now I think he still looks damn sexy in this video, but I'm that thirtysomething gal now who appreciates the whole package ;-)

Separating Rick and the kids in this video bothered me. I know they were trying to show the difference between the man and the child, but Rick looked like he was having fun all by himself-when he should've been romping/jumping with the kids...you know, "Celebrating Youth". The visual of the child sitting, waiting..as if waiting to be an adult was good. As well as when he was running, seemingly trying to get away from that impending adulthood once he saw it coming and what it held for him.

Random thoughts:
Making the tennies stand out besides the bandana was cute :-)
Seeing Rick play on the monkey-bars was cuter :-)
I wonder what that kid looks like today? Does he use that on his resume' - I
was in a RS video?
Or what about all those other kids? Do they even know who Rick Springfield is today? - Michelle P.

Here is my deep and meaningful review:

Rick looks good in this video, but tired. I LOVE the way his jeans fit and accentuate his legs while he's sitting on the Jungle Gym. (am I deep or what?)

I just can't remember if ever saw this video on MTV or anywhere else besides the Beat of the Live Drum video (which I rented from Blockbuster when it came out).

I would love to know the official story behind all the colorization and the object of symbolism. The two things that stood out the most for me were the cobwebs and the clock.

(did I mention how great those jeans looked) - rlh

Rick Springfield Celebrate Youth Video