Directed by David Fincher

I too, thought that this was a hilarious send-up of Rick making fun of himself. Yes, I know it was serious message, but you cannot help but chuckle when you see Uncle Dick appear on the screen. The set must've been a riot. I also agree, he looked a lot like Clark Kent. The post-nuclear war Rick was definitely a turn-on, but for some reason I couldn't stop checking out his feet. I kept thinking I had never seen his bare feet before (and where would I honestly?) and the gray hair at his temples just added to the hunkiness. The lounge singer does nothing but remind me of Wayne Newton.

If you didn't pick up on the message from hearing this song, I think you certainly could after watching this video. I think it was an excellent display of getting Rick's message out. I don't think they played this nearly as much as State of the Heart on MTV (and frankly can you blame them, but that'll wait for THAT review) which was too bad, maybe if more kids saw it, they might have thought at least for the 4 minutes it was playing about trying to make a difference about the nuclear threat. Not that it worked for me...LOL - Michelle P.
Rick Says this is his favorite video of all the ones he's done.