Honeymoon in Beirut
Directed by Alex Proyas

According to US

I didn't know this video existed until a couple of years ago. I never realized this song was a single.
I don't mind his hair in this, although I do think it makes his face look a little long. I love the "eye" shot and the "hair touch". I don't really like, or get, the floating effect they use to move him. Whether he's floating in the air, or he's kind of floating by the scenery, although it looks more like he's standing still and everything else is moving, it's not working for me. I would have never noticed the change in the girls hair or the fact that the Confucius looking priest character is Rick, if it hadn't been pointed out. I don't get the purpose of the dog, or the kid. There is one scene where the kid takes off his hat (which I'm taking to be a symbol for religion) and replaces it with a helmet, and I'm wondering if that's not what one of the major arguments is about - religion, because in all the floating things that go by, I see crosses, also. Plus, I'm wondering if the "Rick Priest" character represents his switching to a more Eastern philosophy.
Also, the scene where he's playing the guitar while sitting on the bed, inspires a glass being thrown to the wall. I wonder if more arguments were brought on by his music career and the things that come with that. It does give the impression that the person he is singing about is a "thrower".
I like the "fight" scene. I don't know why, I just do. Then we've got the black and white/color switch out  around the middle of the video. Maybe the fighting actually helps bring things out and gives a better picture of the way things are (ok, that's a stretch). The ending - they argue, but they don't want to leave, they love each other. - rlh

footnote - this video was filmed in Australia

I love this video.
I think it's the bed thing. This one starts out with Rick in bed just like AOTH. I love that video too. He looks just as yummy in this one; looks great with blue lighting. Since I'm speaking of yummy, the wardrobe in this one is pretty good too. The button-up white shirt under the jacket with all the pins? Yowsa. Very 80's looking, but hey, I'm all over that 80's look. Rick's hair is just a tad bit too long though, or maybe it just needs washing, but it looks very limp and he's got way too much forehead going on when the wind is not tousling it. I'd still want to run my fingers through it though, no question about that. :-) The girl with the braids however, really looks like Boy George from behind. This could have been a "crying game" spoof if they weren't careful. Rick is also sporting his wedding ring in this one (did not in ROL), but no earring. Hmmm.

The one thing that cracks me up about this one is that Rick looks like he is on some kind of conveyor belt through the whole thing. He's just standing still, and the scenery is passing him by. Probably more appropriate for Rock of Life. The premise of this video is very good, with the war-torn looking sets and the girl constantly walking away from Rick or arguing with Rick. Then another couple hugging each other, very happy, with the wind-blowing thing going on again. I did not like the scene of Rick and the woman "slapping" at each other. Of course, this would be way before "the incident" but it just haunts me now. 

I have a tie for best scene. Really, this whole video is good but there are two parts where you just want to pause and stay a while. Rick sitting on the bed, in the white tank with the guitar not even looking at the screen. It's right where the glass crashes in the song, which hits up on the wall over his head, and it is just very moving. Also, where Rick sings, "and we stand out in the rain..." the camera slowly closes in on his face until his whole face fills the screen and you can look right into those dreamy hazel eyes, and Rick is giving you that look he's famous for. You know that one I'm talking about...Michelle P.

Rick Springfield Honeymoon in Beirut Video