Directed By Doug Dowdle

According to US 

I've always had a thing for this song and this video, for some reason I never liked either one.  I think in the video, I could never get past that shirt/jacket thing.  I just didn't like it for some reason.   Watching it now, Rick looked really, really gooooood.  Why wasn't that enough?  I really like the way this video imitates AOTH in the way he starts out with his eyes closed, then opens them up.

Again, he does a wonderful job of playing the camera.  Then, there's the eyebrow thing.  And of course, the oh so famous dance routine.  To quote Rick "whoa".....It wasn't really all the bad, the very first part where he does the arm thing was pretty good, it was the next part where he has to walk/dance that is slightly awkward.  Oh yeah, and a nice dimple shot along the way.  And finally, there was even synchronized swimming and there wasn't even any water.  I guess the only thing this video was really missing was nudity (j/k)......

I like this video much more now, than I did back then.   I actually long for the day we could anticipate a good video coming out. - rlh

I like this video a lot! Of course, there aren't any Rick videos I don't like. Rick was the `king of videos' back in the 80's, in my opinion. He really should release another `public' music video. I think with the right song, it'd be a hit.

I've heard many fans say that Rick cannot dance. Well, okay…so maybe he wouldn't win any dance contests, but the man knows how to move his body! I actually like watching him dance. I remember an interview where Rick was poking fun at himself about this video, and I suppose from his point of view it could be something to get a good laugh out of now. I think he even said his sons ragged him over this one. LOL I know I'm not too fond of myself in some of my older home videos, and I wasn't even dancing! But I don't find myself laughing when I watch Human Touch. I thought it was cool in the 80's, and it's `cool' now! Even though this was a pretty elaborate video in the 80's as far as props, set up and choreography, for me it still falls into the simplistic category as far as videos go (by today's standards). But I actually enjoy the older and simpler videos the best. Seeing the people dancing in the video behind Rick reminds me of some of the Solid Gold performances I've seen where the dancers are dancing in the background while Rick is front and center.

I like the dark blue, snug-fitting `suit' he's wearing. (the same one he ended up wearing during part of the Beat of the Live Drum DVD) It's so sci-fi looking and futuristic. For some reason though, the jacket reminds me of something you'd see in a marching band. When considering the lyrics, I figure a science fiction style was the look he was searching for. 

At the start of the video there are these creatures who end up finding Rick and the others in glass boxes aboard a spaceship. The crew look like they've been "frozen" in time. One of the 'aliens' pushes a green button and everyone is released from their frozen state. LOL Ok, so the video has some corny things in it, but I still like it. It appears that Rick is the `captain' of the spaceship---of course---and the year is 2016. (HA! The far off and distant future, wasn't it?! Now it's only 9 years away. Strange.) Rick is `talking' on the computer via email or `instant messenger' (yes I know…that hadn't been invented yet!) to Sally. I bet Rick enjoyed this video at the time when they made it, since he's a sci-fi lover.

I love how Rick kind of bops his head when he walks up to the control panel on the wall and he says, "you know I got my walls." He continues to `bop' around, bouncing up and down singing right into the camera. 

I find it cute when the girl grabs Rick's hand and drags him off the computer. She pulls him out to the floor where the rest of the crew come up behind Rick once again and break into some synchronized dance moves. It's comical to me how Rick seems like he's going to `bust a move' with them, as he does the side to side hand motions in synch with the dancers, but then he suddenly backs off on the dancing. Rather than dancing, he goes into this sauntering type thing and pumps his fists as he's singing. It's almost like he told the directors, "ok…that's ALL the dance moves you're getting out of me for this video." So he ends up looking rather cool as he strolls up on the camera, swinging his hips while the others dance. All the while there are two girls pawing him on either side. Can't say as I blame them! LOL I don't know how he does it, but Rick can take some of the weirdest, cheesiest scenes and turn them into something good. Ok…so you want the truth? He's fun to watch! 

What is up with the one scene about ¾ of the way through? It's as though the crew members are bowing down when he walks by. Maybe they are `hailing' the Captain of the ship! And I might add, he's looking mighty confident in that shot! Then he does that sexy little snarl with his lips during the chorus…*sigh* 

In the end of the video the ship's warning lights come on with a message that there is a `radiation alert.` Rick `shoo's' everyone back to their glass `boxes' once again where they pose as if frozen in time. The glass door slides up, closing them off from the world. Rick is fiddling with the control panel as everyone regains their positions. When he starts to run for his spot he trips on a step right in front of a compartment with a pretty blonde crew member. How convenient for Rick! LOL The door on her box is about to close, but she runs out JUST in the nick of time and grabs a hold of Rick, helping him up. She leads him into the compartment, hugging him up close to her. Again…do I blame the chick in the video? NO…I sure don't! The look on his face right there is priceless. They are looking eye to eye as the glass door shuts, closing them off from the ship. So I take it that Rick got to spend a significant amount of time locked in with the girl…light years maybe!…and have that ever-wonderful human touch that he so longed for. Actually, being `locked' in a box with Rick is a pretty appealing idea! Captain Rick…we need you to come and sail our ship tonight! 

This is a great video…in all of it's 80's glory! - Kelley Pearson