(music by Rick Springfield & Tim Pierce) 


SFO is the airport code for the airport in San Francisco.  San Francisco was the setting for Hard to Hold

(total playing time: 2:26)

According to US

I’m not really sure what to say about this song, but I’ll give it a shot! I like the fast pace of the music and I like the movie scene for this instrumental piece. I would’ve much rather had a song here where Rick is singing, (I mean, nothing beats having Rick’s vocals!) but I do like the fact that he added an instrumental to the soundtrack. I don’t recall ever hearing an instrumental from Rick before this song came out. But I’ve heard a few since then. I think it’s great how Rick is always trying new things with his music. You never know what to expect from him. 

I had no clue what SFO stood for until I read the facts at the end of the song lyrics. Who knew it was an airport code?! I recall as a teen trying to figure out various combinations of words for the letters “SFO,” and for the life of me, I couldn’t come up with what it might be an abbreviation for. I like when Jamie smacks Diana on the butt at the end of the movie and the SFO music kicks back in. Oh, and what an awesome airport kiss…even if he DID end up with Diana. :-P *sigh* -  Kelley Pearson

I actually do like this track however it does seem extremely repetitive. I think Rick could have been a little more experimental with it. But I do get the feeling it was an "album filler". Maybe he got right down to the wire and had to come up with something else quick. I like the change midway in the song. It gets slower for a little while and then picks up where it left off. I think he probably enjoyed this little foray into instrumental territory. It's a different thing for him and not something he can do all that often as people want to hear his voice as much as his music.  - Elizabeth S

Short and sweet, and no lyrics, but still a great tune. I really enjoy it and for some reason, it seems like Rick and the guys would love doing this one because they could really rock out to it. The piano parts mixed in with it towards the end are very nice also. - Amy L.