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This is likely my favorite video by Rick. It certainly isn't a complex video (nor was Jessie's Girl), but I think that is part of the appeal. The basic storytelling nature of the early videos is often more "cool" to me than the ones of today. Or it could be it's just because I came from that birth period of MTV, and this video was the second one from my newfound rock star! It is one of the more nostalgic videos for me. The obsession really began to grow when this one hit the screen, even more so. 

I do believe, since watching this video so much lately and looking back on the times of "then," that I can understand why I dressed like I did during that period. Now I know why I just HAD to have a few pairs of different colored parachute pants! (one of many clothing fads I had growing up, usually based on something a musician was wearing at the time!) Rick had me in parachute pants, T-shirts (sometimes half T-shirts!), and high tops. I begged for Converse sneakers like Rick's also, but mom wouldn't buy them for me. She said they didn't look comfortable or durable! 

Of all Rick's videos, I love his "wardrobe" the best here. His overall look is perfection to me. Not my favorite song that he made a video of, but this one falls into the hotness factor of videos! LOL It's one I never grow tired of, that's for sure. His hair was perfect, his eyes were sparkling, & he looked more like his casual self. LOVE the tight dark shirt and the green "good-fitting" parachute pants! They show off his physique quite well in my opinion. My favorite scenes are the ones under the stairwell, where he's leaning back with the guitar slung low, eyes nearly shadowed, stubborn look on his mouth, and the glances at the woman in the red dress. (the woman who is looking away, completely uninterested in what he's got to say.) He looks really angry here, fed up with her! It's cool how the video flashes between the stairwell scenes and the stage scenes. I am not sure "who" directed this one, but it worked. 

I like when he's jamming there on stage and you can see that big vein he has in his neck pop out! LOL And he's doing something of a snarling look with his mouth. His acting skills seem to really go into play in his videos, or maybe it's just him "feeling" what he's saying and the emotion naturally coming out. It's cute when he leans in with his guitarist and smiles, dimples showing. Also that other precious little smile when he turns his back on stage, away from the girl and jamming towards the band instead, as if to say…"hey, she really digs me," only to turn back around and find she is gone! Smiling and then in the next shot, glaring. The contradictions are great! I also noticed he was slouching his shoulders, as he does now (which, somehow that is just adorable to me...lol). He even has a lot of the same movements while playing guitar…legs going wild, swinging back and forth with the guitar, and really getting down on playing it. (although in the video, I realize the "playing it" is music video acting). 

Why he runs after this woman as she leaves the bar, I do not know! But then he comes back with a new attitude in the last verse, and we have a cool scene where he is passing people up on the streets and walks right up to the camera with that bad attitude look again. He's ready to cut loose and forget about her. Then in the end, I love how he is right against the stairs, just inches from "the girl," then turns his head away from her. 

In the final scene, the smashing of the record player (and an "old" looking-one at that!) was clever!!! To me it's almost like he threw that in for good measure, as one of his famous double-meanings (possibly towards the music industry?) Rick loves to smash things, obviously! His first two videos involve smashing something! I personally love the bit of angst in the end. It pretty much seals the deal, and tops off the whole video for me. - Kelley Pearson 

This is actually the first Rick Springfield video I remember ever seeing on MTV.  I know there's not much to it, pretty much just Rick Springfield hanging around looking cool, but I always liked this video, because I remember after seeing it for the first time, I thought, "Wow, Rick Springfield hanging around looking cool!"  I love the outfit (wouldn't mind seeing him bring that one out of the closet), and he looks like he is having a good time. - rlh

The beginning of this video evokes the image of a garage band. Just because it kind of looks like the inside of a garage and it's a three piece band. I like how it begins with the camera focusing on Rick playing the opening guitar riff.  Also, I like how when the girl takes off out the door, he follows her, but she gets away. He's very angry with her, but still wants her. I think this video really showcases Rick's talent because it's so sparse. There was no glitz or props to cover up flaws. I wonder whatever happened to Richard Grossman (Bass Player). I thought Rick and him had a good sound together. The only thing I don't really get is the smashing of the record player at the end. I'm not sure how that fits in. If he was going to smash something, I think the guitar he was playing would have been more effective. Of course, in those days ,he probably couldn't afford to smash guitars. Elizabeth S.

This video seems to be just a tad bit more 'simple' than Jessie's Girl was, but it makes it more appealing to me in some way. I would much rather get to see Rick sing and play the guitar, than running around chasing some woman. Even way back then Rick's wardrobe was very 'simple' as it pretty much is today. The black t-shirt with the army green pants (boy, do they look good on him when he turns his back to the camera ;p ).... I am sure that he saved a lot of money on this video too, from the looks of it, but I still enjoy watching it! - Amy L.

Was this the video that was filmed in a strip club? The setting suits most of the song. Let me begin by saying Rick lookd sooo good...the black shirt to the dimples and hair! I love it when the camera zooms in on his hand strumming a guitar. Those kind of shots always fascinate me!

Next, interesting that the video is filmed in black in white with the exception of the lady in red, the subject of the video. Isnt red the color associated with a Jezabel? It portrays her as just 'there' and 'cold' and I think that was the intent. I did not expect to see the twist in the video...Rick singing how he is done with her and he and his friends will do just fine and yet, when she leaves, he goes chasing after her. I suppose that is a human reaction when it comes to iffy relationships...sometimes you vow its over and you are done, and  then moments of weakness surface and you might decided to do the chase thing one last time.

The one thing I would have changed in the video is during the scenes where he goes out on the 'town to night to be as wild as he can be'. In order to pop the juxtaposition of  being in a dead end relationship versus moving on, I would have rather seen him out with friends and not alone, laughing and having a good time. His solo appearances out on the town really did not convince me that he was finding how good it was to be loose, high and free.

I still love the song and enjoy watching the video though! - Kat Mendelin

Rick Springfield I've Done Everything For You Video