Death Drives A Cadillac


Written by Rick Springfield


I feel devotion in the wicked dark

I see the ocean around the shark


I know the pope, famed and sanctified

Inside the hurricane, I can see the eye


My last words won't be a sneak attack

Cause I know, death drives a Cadillac


I hear the hymns in battleground gunfire

I see dreams like the funeral prye


I taste wine in a poison cup

Prayed at the shrine then I blew it up


Even the best saw his kingdom crack

Cause he knew, death drives a Cadillac


We're the only ones who hear the engine running

Daughters and sons, yeah, we know it's coming


When you die they recall a better you

It ain't all a lie, but it ain't all true


Headlights in your mirror, baby don't look back

It's getting nearer, death drives a Cadillac




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