Godforsaken World


Written by Rick Springfield


Shut up talking it'll do no good

The devil's walking where God once stood

I tried to fathom the balance of power

But it all means shit in the final hour


Fed the holy host and I caught the infection

Now I'm just a ghost's narcissist reflection

Damned, deceived and anger I hurled

At the God of this godforsaken world


Follow me down away from the breaking sound

And every faithless breach of the sun

Mom, my father dead

I'm crazy in the head

I'm an orphan to God

I'm an orphan with a gun


Wash my soul in a pool of blood

As I lie face down in the rain and mud

Make 'em believe this world is fine

As I open the tumor it is benign

Fed the bullshit and I ate it like a sucker

Bought the holy writ like a dumb motherfucker


My fingers into a fist I curled

And shook it at the God of this godforsaken world

Fly away from this darkened day

As a cloud demurs the sun

The devil tricked him, I won't be a victim

My shroud obscures a gun


The plague is burning down my town

People sick and dying all around

A Pride and Avarice brought this to us

We duck the sword but it still goes through us

They tied our hands, ripped out our tongue

And told us only the good die young

I watched as a yellow flag unfurled

And cursed the god of this godforsaken world


With its tainted smell and its grim death bell

Like a shattered bloody hit and run

Yeah, you want release, I'll give you peace

All you have to do is pick up the gun




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