I Am Jack Chrome


Written by Russell Morris


Russell Morris vocals

Hello to you, hello to me

No introductions do we need

You know, I am Jack Chrome


Follow me down, follow me close

Keep your eyes open

On the yellow brick road we'll go

I am Jack Chrome


Beggars and ratters and thieves and kings

It'll all come down to brazen insane

They'll carry their hearts in unusual way

Hoping like hell they can stay


Rick Springfield vocals

Welcome to the garden, welcome one and all

Hold yourselves steady, you don't need to fall

You know, I am Jack Chrome


Inside my head, a world full of rain

Feel like you're parched, need relief call my name

You know, I am Jack Chrome


Pagans and harlots and sanctified men

Holding their hands, who's praying for them

Kick one and all to the edge of the hole

Will they reemerge new souls


Russell Morris vocals

So it's goodbye to you, goodbye to me

I bid thee farewell so easily, you know

I am Jack Chrome

You know, I am Jack Chrome

I am Jack Chrome




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