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I loved hearing this song on the radio. I would stop and drop everything I was doing when the song came on. Imagine my reaction upon learning I could SEE Rick singing this song! It was like all of my wildest dreams come true. (Hey, I was 11 going on 12 - my fantasies were still pretty limited) Since MTV was this new thing we had happening with our cable, I could catch it now and again on there. I also remember watching Friday Night Videos while babysitting, and on Saturday mornings -- Casey Kasem's American Top 40. It seemed to me this video was played a lot in the fall of '81. For as much as *a lot* could be back then I suppose. Or maybe it was just me, and the beginning of my Rick radar. Possibly. Probably. 

Just the start of those recognizable notes, and seeing the image of the brick wall was enough for me to hold my breath for those three minutes. To see Dr. Noah Drake all cool in his suit, with his hand in his pocket and his white tennies standing there singing to Me(!) about Jessie's Girl...oh the memories of that still make me sigh. 

Since there weren't a whole lot of videos to compare this to back then, this seems to be Masterpiece Theatre to my preteen self. Years later in fact, I was impressed to learn that Rick directed this himself. Now when I watch, I can see the "early 80's-ness" to it. But back then, it was perfect. You could see the hurt on his face, watching Jessie go off with his girl. You could almost feel the angst as he shook his fist at the screen telling me "she's loving him with that body, I just know it." I think I felt my first pangs of jealousy there. Wait! He's got jeans on. Not just jeans, but those classic 80's painted on-tight in the ass-he looks skinny as hell jeans. More importantly, he's got a guitar in his hands (! squealing from the living room !) and he looks all cute & sexy and I don't ever want this song to end.....

And yet, that's my favorite part - the end. There's his beloved Ronnie, sitting in the seats with Jessie and his girl. I was so touched by the fact that not only did Rick love this dog enough to put him on the album cover, there he was in his first video as well. 

But before I finish, I must comment on the spotlights in this video. Something that totally passed my acute observation for the first oh, 23 years. It must've been the fact that Rick was there front and center that I paid absolutely no attention to the little things that were there. I swear I didn't notice all the spotlight "glow" (for lack of a better term) until the Frickin' A Jessie's Girl video came out. How sad is that? I've always been told I'd suck at giving a description of someone during a robbery. This just proves it. There's Rick's face all framed nicely in the midst of these spotlights, and as an homage to him Frickin' A adds the same touch to their video. I'm thinking that was a pretty novel concept for 1981. Although the truth was probably something way more trivial.

So, now I can't wait to continue watching this video (because I still do, every chance I get) to see what else I've been missing.  - Michelle P.

I love this video! And not only because it is a video by Rick Springfield, but it is so realistic and true to the song. So many videos from the 80's, and some to this day, or so unrealistic and strange. Simple and plain, yes....however, that makes it a true classic to me. 

We didn't have MTV when Jessie's Girl premiered and probably didn't have it for a good while later. I caught the video on other shows when I could and tried so desperately to see the "WHOLE" thing in its entirety. I think some of those video shows liked to tease us with only part of the video or at times, a snippet of it. 

I really like the beginning when Rick turns and looks into the camera and seems to be pleading to 'us' that he REALLY wants this girl! Now, Rick himself has admitted that he can't dance, but I think he pulled it off quite nicely with his leg moves and swinging his arm. Being a pre-teen when I first saw it, I thought he danced perfect. HA! The one thing I did wonder (again in my pre-teen mind) if Rick and Jessie were such 'good friends' then why do they meet up in that little walkway and Jessie just walks off with his girl without saying 'hi' or even chit-chatting a bit...LOL! Well, now I get it, but ya know, I was so naive back then. 

I like the part with Rick and the band onstage at the end. The lighting and the way it reflects off of everything was pretty cool. PLUS, I loved the way he strummed the guitar too! It seems as if his pain and anguish over not getting the girl is coming out in the way he pumps his arm up and down. Again, my little girl mind thought that "wow, he plays so good" . Now my grown up mind, thinks "Damn, he still plays so good" !!  - Amy L.


My feelings towards this video are somewhat mixed. Back in the day of when it initially aired, I found it to be a fairly entertaining and engaging video, compared to other videos released by other artists. I loved the combination of footage...'playing on the stage' and the 'telling of the story'. It was not a video that flashes so many images across the screen at mock speed that you cant keep up and absorb what you are seeing. (this is one of my pet peeves in just makes me dizzy...I suppose I am getting old). 

Some of my favorite parts of the video are: The brick wall. I have a love affair with Brick walls. It is my understanding that this video was not only directed by Rick, but fairly inexpensive to make, with the multiple mirrors being one of  the most costly items. Rick's hair looks so 80's soft and touchable! He has a cherub like complexion. I loved the multiple outfits...tight jeans and leather jacket, the suit, and the black shirt and light pants. I immediately noticed him licking his lips while singing in a couple places and fell in love with the lick licker part of him immediately after seeing this. I also like the timing of the shot showing the close up of 'her eyes'.

This video was (sadly) voted one of the worst on a Canadian Much Music program called 'Back in '81'. They dis Rick's 'intense stare' into the camera towards the beginning of the video and they make fun of his multiple scenes of smashing the mirror with his guitar. What really irked me is when they disregarded his creative license to have Ron dressed up in a shirt at the end of the video. They also poke fun at his little dance moves, not really dancing, but shifting the weight from foot to foot to the beat of the music. (they do have a bit of a point here). Is it just me or do Jessie and his girl look so miserable and lifeless? If I was singing about my want to have someone that belonged to somebody else, and they were in my video, I would try and display a more intimate connection between the couple that I was so jealous of.

Considering this was his first attempt at directing a music video, he did not do too badly. If someone were to try and  compare it to some of the videos now playing today by other artists, it might pale in comparison...but it really would not be a fair comparison either as so much has changed. I would like to see Rick come out with a video for Who Killed Rock and Roll!! I enjoyed seeing Rick in the Frickin A version of the JG video. #1 - I thought it was very classy for them to ask Rick to appear in the video. #2 - I love how the stage scene lighting mirrored the lighting in the original video...almost like starts winkling on the stage. I am sure that was intentional! #3 - Rick gets the girl!

So, in conclusion...the video was not bad for one of the first ever created in the video world, and for one that was directed by a novice video director lol. Add to this the fact that this video did not cost a fortune to make, and you have a pretty decent effort. - Kat Mendelin


This video gives me the best feeling when I see it, reminding me of times when life was much simpler, even if the message in the song and the angst & pain are not simple. I adore this video! It is not flashy like the videos we see today. It's very straight-to-the-point and basic, compared to videos nowadays. I actually like the basic layout of Jessie's Girl. I think it was a very well directed video for one of the first music videos of our times. I really like the camera angles, where some scenes of him are shot from above, and then some from just below him (like when he's on stage at the end). I am impressed to know that Rick did this one himself! Way to go Rick. He created pure magic!

The Jessie's Girl video is likely what sealed the deal with me, when it came to my falling in love with Rick. The song would definitely stand alone, but this is the point when I realized I needed POSTERS of the man behind the music! Even now when I see the video, I still get those butterflies and that burst of excitement. I can feel young again for a little over 3 minutes. Thankfully now, with recorders I don't have that panicky feeling I used to get at the thoughts of MISSING Jessie's Girl. It was practically a crime! I would sit for endless hours praying they'd play the video. I'd scream about KILL myself running from one end of the house to the other when I heard the opening guitar licks, stubbing many a toe & nearly breaking legs all the way. And I remember the frustration and sadness that came when I'd return to the TV only to see the last 30 seconds of the video, or WORSE…the last two notes of the song, after I'd waited patiently all day long to see it. Thank you technology for VCR's and DVD recorders. Too bad we didn't have that luxury back then!!! 

Rick looks absolutely gorgeous in this one. The look that really grabbed me from the first time I saw it was the opening scene in front of the brick wall when he turns his head to the side, hands in his pockets, and gazes right into the camera with those intense eyes…perfect hair…dimples… and that longing in his voice: "Jessie's got himself a girl and I wanna make her mine." Almost nervy is a way, but cool too. Ohhh those fist pumps and that lip curl while he's swaying in front of the wall are GREAT!…"and she's lovin' him with that body I just know it." Or the close up shot when he says the same line, but sways his arm, fingers snapping, gritting his teeth and quickly looks off to the side in anger and denial. CLASSIC! For me those are some of the coolest parts in the whole video. It displays his frustration & jealousy perfectly! It's funny, but I cannot help but root for him when I see that. I can feel his pain! LOL How could we NOT love that?? I can't resist the pleading in his voice and those eyebrows hitched up when he says, "and she's watching him with those eyes." I also love his dancing/jamming on the guitar in that suit. Simply precious! 

It pained me (and still does…LOL) to see Jessie and his girl snub Rick when he comes off the steps. I mean, what is up with that??? Poor Rick…he looks so sad in that part. Ok, not sad so much…but jealous! 
I think the spotlights during the stage scenes are incredible, reflecting off the drums and guitars. I love how the lights are beaming out everywhere…only enhancing his already great looks. Rick is snazzy looking in the off-white pants and button-down black shirt! The way he focuses so intensely on the camera during the chorus (right before the bathroom scene) when he says, "where can I find a woman, where can I find a woman like that?" is almost a plea to the viewer! He barely, just for one second, takes his eyes off the camera. Well it seems his plea worked!! Here I was, along with countless other females, talking, nearly screaming to Rick on the TV: "Right here!!!! Right here I am!!!" Now that is funny as hell, considering I was only 13 at the time. LOL Personally I thought the chick was blind and crazy for blowing him off that way. 

The self-critical scenes in the bathroom mirror are certainly universal, and any age can relate to those feelings, I would think. (even if you're not dreaming of someone else's girl or guy). Heartbreaking to see Rick so torn and low on himself…"tell me what she don't see in me." The mirror smashing is an awesome addition in the video. He is taking out his angst on the medicine cabinet, but of course on his own reflection too!!! I think I especially like the bathroom scene because you see him one minute as a rocker and star, and in the next, he's doing normal things like everyone else…hanging out in his tank top, washing his face, criticizing his reflection & basically having his own private tantrum and self-pity. LOVE it! 

The ending of the video is SO appropriate for a guy who loves his dog enough to feature him on his album cover…looking like the "master." There he is in the theatre in that same shirt and tie, with Jessie and his girl a few rows back. I always wondered, is Ron supposed to be "watching" Jessie's girl for Rick?! LOL 

This is one of Rick's greatest videos, even in all it's simplicity, compared to the videos he came out with as the years went by. I give it a BIG thumbs up!
- Kelley Pearson

Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl Video