Directed by Bill Fishman

I just can't get enough of this video. I love it! I think the band has done an excellent job in the remake department with the song, and this video compliments that very nicely.

At first I was a bit put-off by the 80's chick. I was thinking it/she was going to end up looking stupid, rather than the parody it is. I'm glad that the lead singer found her hot at least!

I agree that the wardrobe of Rick the therapist was *too* old. To continue on the parody, he should have been wearing one of his famous suits, complete with skinny tie and hi-top tennis shoes. The way he looked at the end, from the wardrobe that is so "him" to the eyebrow shrug -- that's the look that has spawned a thousand sighs from me in my lifetime, I'm so glad we have it on film now. :-)

I just keep thinking I hope to see this on a big TV screen sometime. I feel like I'm peering through a window or something, watching it on this little square on my 'puter. Some people watch porn...I watch has the same effect I think.

Every time the damn Brittney commercial pops up, I boo at the screen. Is that bad? If you keep hitting reply, you shouldn't have to suffer through it again. I could see if you left the site and came back... :-)

One more thing, then I'm done rambling. :-)
I watched it a few times this afternoon, and then when my kids game home from school I played it again. They heard the familiar tune and were curious as to why it sounded "different" so they wandered in the room. I restarted the video, not saying a word to them. My daughter (who is 8) jumps up at down behind me going, "Mom, Mom! It's Rick! It's Rick!" As if I didn't know. Then she pointed him out again later. Then my son piped up (the 12 yr old) "There's Gomer in the backseat of the car!". Nice to know they can pick Rick and his dog out of the crowd. :-) (I think) - Michelle P.
loved it, very cute -- my random observations -- 

yeah, the 80s girl was a bit over the top but it was hilarious to see all her different outfits and her earrings! yikes ! huge!

"Jesse" is a kind a dope ... what an actor ...particularly in the coffee shop scene 

I give the lead singer of Frickin' A *BIG* props for actually looking in the eyes of his gf when she's wearing the green top. Since her chest filled up about half my screen I was impressed he wasn't looking down the entire shot 

The "huh" look with the "pimp" line was good too...

... then to see Rick cracking on the riff shortly there after! very very cool

The jamming with the band was also cool -the dance sequence scared me a bit 

And then Gomer, what and actor he is!! And then Rick, in a suit coat, getting into the car with the girl. 

Very nice, kudos to Frickin' A for doing a good job with it! 

And thanking my lucky stars for being able to SEE it! - Jen H.


Jason (and the rest of the band) did a great job of giving credit that this song is an 80's song, but putting a new generation twist on it.

In the dance scene when Jessie's Girl hits her fists together twice...isn't that the sign in Friends for something naughty? It just made me laugh when she did that. LOL 

It caught me off guard when Jason sings "I want a piece of Jessie's Girl" towards the end of the song (I didn't notice that line when I listened to the track on line before the video), I don't know if I like that too much (I guess that's just the mom in me coming out), but I can see where the younger generation will probably go for it.

But my all-time favorite moment in the video is the eyebrow lift when Rick is getting in the Porsche. How cute is that?

It'll be interesting to see how far they go with this song. - Char P.


Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl Video