Directed by Doug Dowdle

According to US

I can't remember if this video came out before the movie was released or not.  I love the way they incorporate the movie scenes into the video.  I do know that if I did see the video before I had seen the movie, I would be more anxious than ever for the movie to come out, or if the movie was already out, I know if I saw the video, it would probably make me want to see the movie again.   In other words, I think this was a really good advertisement for the movie.  I love the editing room scenes, also. I like it that he's wearing the same outfit outside the movie scenes that he was wearing in one of the concert scenes in the movie. I love the part where he has the phone in his hand and he looks directly at the camera and sings a line.  However, I don't really get the whole other thing that's going on.... the island natives with the Love Goddess (Rick Springfield should not be down on his knees begging any woman for anything).  I don't find the woman in the video all that attractive either - rlh

First off…I like this video for the fact that it shows some cute clips from the movie. It's like getting a taste of the movie without actually having to watch it. (But for myself…I see this video and then I feel the need to pop in my Hard to Hold DVD! It`s a fun music video, but it`s also a tease…). 

I like how Rick mixed some 'real' time with the clips, using a H2H editing room as his `here and now.' I wonder if the reels of film flying off everywhere and the total chaos in this one are supposed to represent how his life might have felt at that time? It was going full-speed ahead after all, and at times I'm sure it was totally chaotic, running a full schedule as a rock star and now-movie actor. Notice the fire as he's walking into the room…is this symbolic for 'walking into the fire?' Maybe he wasn't sure this movie was the best move. He learned later that from a box-office-hit standpoint, it probably wasn't. But for me personally, as a fan of Rick's, I think the movie was great…and the soundtrack for it even greater. I mean honestly…can a Rick fan tire of a movie in which Rick Springfield is the star and it's filled with Rick music? I think not! 

I'm not sure what the picking up of the phone & then kind of slamming it back down might represent. I like the "Don't Walk Away" sign when the light at the desk is flipped on! But I cannot make out what the picture is on the poster above it that says "Adventures in Paradise." Whatever it is, Rick looks almost alarmed when he sees it. Then he begins to daydream (?) that he's somewhere else and he's walking into a strange land towards a woman in a white cloak. Some men get him by the arms to lead him over to her, but then his fantasy is interrupted by a woman in the editing room who is handing him the phone. (and yea…it's one of those big, bulky "old-timey" phones with the curly cord hooked to it! LOL ) 

Back to the fantasy…the men lead Rick in to the woman and he's looking a bit fearful of what may happen to him. The woman points abruptly at what appears to be a smoky/foggy `pit.' Then Rick drops to his knees here and sings up to her with a pleading look in his eyes, "I'm only saying what I feel." (and can I just say…Rick looks adorable in this scene?! ) He finally ventures up to where she is and she hands him a pink flower. It may have some type of power when she hands it to him, as the scene then flashes to the editing room where chaos has taken over in an even bigger way. Windows shatter, things start to fly around the room, the lights begin to flash, and the staff are running everywhere. But then suddenly Rick and the crew begin to dance around in the midst of all the craziness. I love how Rick is smiling as he dances. :-P This takes place during the instrumental break. All the while, there are also shots from the movie flashing on & off the screen. 

We return to the fantasy of the woman in white who is now motioning for Rick to 'come here.' Do I blame her?! He's seen holding her white scarf, looking at it while he sings and doing a sexy little shoulder shrug! The woman then turns and walks into the cave with a solemn look on her face, but Rick doesn't follow her in. Maybe this is supposed to represent the woman he's singing about in the song, and how she walks away from love and is in denial about her `path' in this life. Pretty strange, but interesting all the same! 

The video ends with a shot of the film reels stacked up. In front are 2 reels. One says "Rick Springfield" and the other one below it says, "Hard to Hold." The pink flower the woman gave him is lying beside them. The center of the flower kind of moves and then her face appears within it. 

I really like this video, but I will say that the imagery is FAST. It does a LOT of flashing around and can be a bit confusing to the eye. But as we know…this is certainly not the only Rick video that's set up this way. He has a few others with fast moving imagery and symbolic props that are best understood when viewed more than once! :-P - Kelley Pearson