(Words and Music by Rick Springfield)

There was a moment when
I first looked at you
I was feeling like a frightened child
There was a moment when
You touched my hand
There was a smile and a touch
Moments in my mind

There was a moment when
We first were lovers
And I gave my love to you
There was a moment when
I had you near
But all the moments disappeared
When you changed

And I felt the change coming
You were restless and unsure
But I hoped against hope
It would just blow over
But the moments that we had
Just weren't there anymore

There was a moment when
I loved you and you knew it
There were moments when
You made me cry
There was a moment when
Oh darling I had your love forever

And I'd give everything I could
Just to have you back again...
For just one more moment with you
I would give it all away
If I could hear you say
I love you 
I love you
I love you

Song Facts: This song was recorded by Marcia Hines.    It first appeared on her album titled "Ooh Child" and as the b-side to the single "Something's Missing (in My Life)".  She also covered "Believe in Me" and "Love is the Key".  Many of the songs she has recorded were written by Robbie Porter, one of Rick's ex-managers, hence the connection.