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I'll Make You Happy

I am quite happy with my new Rockford DVD and was surprised it was sold so cheap! I got way more than my money's worth in fact. I have played my other live DVD's to death and was anxious for something new. This gives me major vibes and memories of how the live show was for my recent re-visit to a Rick show in `06. The whole set up was very similar, and a lot of the set list was the same. I wish there had been some closer zooming in on Rick, more than what there was, but that is okay. The show rocked! 
I absolutely love the opening scenes with Dreamtime, the fans, and then Rick preparing for the show (sipping coffee, or tea?!). The SDAA curtain with Rick silhouetted there, jamming his guitar as the crowd claps and cheers in anticipation was a cool opener. That killer guitar riff just rips right through me anyway…like electricity! I like how when his silhouette appeared the crowd's roar got even louder. Then the curtain drops and the screams explode louder still. It must be a wonderful and satisfying feeling for Rick to hear so many happy cheers greeting him, before he actually sees the crowd. And wow, that place was packed! I have no idea how many seats are in the Coronado Theatre, but the venue appears to be huge.

This is one of my favorite covers of Rick's to date, so I am especially drawn to this part of the show. Between the song and the happy looks on Rick's face here…this one is perfection to me. He appears to be "scoping out" the crowd, and looks pleased with the turn out and the enthusiasm of the crowd. He seems to be feeding off the energy from the fans. Rick looks handsome in jeans, a tie and jacket…but when I first saw this, I will admit, my first thought was, "that jacket has GOT to go!" I want to see his arms. What can I say?!  - Kelley Pearson

Will I?

I love the songs from SDAA performed live. He cannot go wrong doing SDAA, in my opinion. Rick is so animated with his hands and guitar moves…part of what I adore about him. He was smiling a lot in this song too. Cute sign out in the crowd, "I'm Still Crazy For You Rick." Yep, we ARE still crazy for him. -  KP
Affair of the Heart

Well, it's one of the most incredibly sensual & romantic songs he ever wrote! I am glad he continues to do this song live. He is beginning to sweat at this point, and fans himself. He's handed a new guitar, since he threw the other one aside at the start of this song. It's that beautiful turquoise blue one. Again, Rick is enjoying his crowd…his eyes look up to the balcony at all the many fans who came to see him. Rick takes a bite off a bouquet of pink roses and spits out the petals. LOL! - KP
I've Done Everything For You
I like that "set" Rick gets in his jaw when he goes right into the strumming for this song, as the previous song ends. (he does that a lot!) Rick is having a ball with this one, pointing at the crowd and getting them to sing for him. We see the first rose explosion of the night, and then he runs over to jam with George and messes with the tuning on George's guitar! LOL Finally the TIE comes off here, during "get loose, high and free." He is cranked up now!!! He smashes the pretty blue guitar to smithereens, then strips off his jacket, struts sexily across the stage to a fan with roses, grabs them and slams them against Rodgers drum set. Awesome! - KP

Rock of Life

I think this is another of those songs that should not be dropped for the live show. It's a song I connect with so deeply, so naturally I'd hate to ever see it leave the live set list. I am set on the idea that George needs to keep his short spiky hair style. When he first began growing it out…I loved it. But then it got to be TOO much. He is looking cool with this cut and it suits him much better I think. Great scissor kick here from Rick and some windmill moves on the guitar! My daughter loves the "hey! Whoooo!" part. - KP
Red House
Oh yes, the opening notes to April 24th, or so it sounded like it to me. Rick's guitar jamming is incredible. I love this part and could watch it over and over on it's own. I like how it builds and then goes into a heavier jam. He is really putting it ON here, and maybe showing off a bit. He ends it doing 3 chords by strumming the guitar with more roses. What a visual treat! 

God, what is there NOT to say about this bluesy & sexy little Hendrix cover and Rick's amazing guitar playing?! He has really got the `moves' going on when he performs Red House. I am a big Hendrix fan, so this one is a winner in my book and another of the highlights of the Rockford DVD. When I hear the line, "that's okay…I still got my dog," I can't help but chuckle. I thought, "Rick HAD to add that part in himself." I could not for the life of me remember Jimi saying that (after listening to Rick do Red House so often, I just couldn't be sure). I figured Jimi would say "I still got my guitar." I had to go check. So I played the original, and sure enough…Jimi said "guitar" not "dog!" LOL Only Rick….he must've been thinking of his loyal Gomer. - KP

Don't Talk to Strangers

Always a crowd pleaser and one he never seems to tire of. He is acting like a clown in this one. I love the crowd's screams at "how's life in the freezing city?" LOL I'm sure Rick is not too fond of the cold weather, or he might live somewhere other than Malibu! Rick must think the fans are a bit over-the-edge. He tells the girl with the "Rick on a stick" ---"you are very strange!" That was a good goatee picture she had there. Very cute scene where he gets the Japanese girl to sing along and says "we'll have subtitles for that one." The man also loves to embarrass people who don't want to be messed with. He torments the camera man Mike ("Mike don't be a bitch!" LOL), making him sing DTTS. Rick was apparently feeling silly up on stage wiggling and swinging his hips. He could keep that up all night, and I doubt any of us would get bored! The little girl he brings on stage is precious. Rick really should have had a daughter. J I can tell he got a kick out of her. - KP

I Get Excited

This one kicks straight in on the last note of DTTS. I like how Rick orders the women who are about to charge the stage to "stay there!" lol Rick's wide eyes here when he says, "there's heaven in your eyes tonight" reminds me so much of his expressive eyes on Live and Kickin.' Well, Rick is a brave man calling all those women up on stage after all, and he informs them, "no pushing, no shoving." I guess he's done this enough times to KNOW there will be some of that. Sweet how he chose his God-Daughter and her sisters to be front and center for IGE. You can tell that they AND Rick are having a ball with this one! I like how the one girl is singing and dancing off to the side with Matt. 

Ok, hands down…one of the funniest things on the whole DVD comes at the end of IGE. Rick saying, "alright, look out, I got the camera now!!!!" That man cracks me up! I think he finds great joy in turning the camera on everyone else for a change! But he finds out what a "tough" job the camera man really has, since he says it's heavier than a guitar. Rodger holds up a funny sign ("drummer for rent") at Rick when he's calling Rodg a 9-year old in a man's body. LOL Like Rick has room to talk about someone acting like a kid! I bet these guys have a ball on tour together. - KP

Baker Street

This is one of my top favorite performances of the show. When I listen to the CD, I do like this song, but I prefer the performance even more. I guess it's the presence of Dino, the sax player that enhances this one for me. And also, Rick's enthusiasm during the whole song is just unbelievable. He is hopping all over the stage, full of energy. I got a kick out of the spontaneous remark at the beginning, "a song that featured lots of sax. Not sex. Sax." LOL…I wonder what Rick had on the brain right then?! You can tell he is passionate about this song, and the others from TDAY. I cannot say enough about how awesome their sax player was. The whole sax thing, and then George on that killer guitar solo, Rick's jamming beside Dino…well everything about this one rocked. For such a popular song that is a classic rock station `staple`, I feel they pulled this one off like pros. - KP

Broken Wings

Wow. Definitely incredible seeing this one live. Another of the covers that they "pull off" beautifully. By that I mean, it sounds as great or better than the original. And for me his version is the one that hooked me on this song, not the original. Rick's guitar jamming parts in this one…well need I say more?! The end has me smiling. He starts to accidentally sing again when the song ends, he realizes it and then turns away and flips his head to sort of "brush it off." LOL That was cute! At least he caught the mistake just in the nick of time. He remained "cool."  - KP

Beautiful You

What a great song. Again, nothing off of SDAA could go wrong live, in my opinion. Rick gets the audience in the palm of his hand about part way through. Everyone begins clapping their hands over their heads. He has a funny way of doing that! - KP

 Living In Oz

One of Rick's "classic" songs, with lots of guitar jamming and some great keyboards by Derek. Beautifully visual with lots of rose explosions! I never get sick of this song. - KP

Waiting For A Girl Like You

Rick's cover of this song will never beat the original song for me. That was one of my very favorite songs as a young girl. I think they do a great job, but it's just not the same. Rick's voice really does sound remarkable here. More saxophone…AWESOME! - KP

Love Somebody

Rick and his jokes about his butt!!! I wonder if he jokes about it a) because he's embarrassed he whored himself out that way with the butt shots (FINE butt shots) and that`s his way for kind of "covering" that embarrassment, by laughing about it himself and appearing to not really care or…. b) because he doesn't really care who knows it and just finds it hysterical or….c) because he is truly fascinated with his own butt, and figures those in the crowd who HAVEN'T seen it might like to check it out, and he's glad he whored himself out for H2H (he said himself that he will often "whore himself out" in acting, but not in music). LOL….I guess we'll never know. I tend to believe it *might* be choice "a." 

What a classic eyebrow hitch and expression at the Wonder Woman doll someone handed him!! That was a good one. The crowd looks very pleased here to see him "coming out" to them. He is such a trusting soul the way he ventures out like he does. The woman in the black shirt had an awesome view! Total crowd control once again, hand-clapping and all. - KP

Jesus Saves

Right off the bat he gets totally sarcastic and funny by telling the crowd this is a very positive and spiritual song, and to listen to the words! Am I strange for finding the humor in that comment?! The actual phrase "Jesus Saves" IS positive and spiritual, but the context it's used in here is not exactly like that. Anyway, this song rocks live!!! The people in the crowd are fun to watch. Some just cannot resist reaching out to touch him or hold him up (hey, he SAID "don't let me fall"). I reached out with some human touch myself when he came near. I couldn't help but wanna reach out and touch him, even though I know he's only human. It must be the rock-God thing.  I find it special that he interacts with his fans this way, since I haven't seen many artists who actually do this. - KP


Love the "here I come" shout out at the start of this rockin' "oldie." Crowd control…yet again! His voice sounds especially good on this song to me. Georgie rocks out on the guitar while Rick is in the human sea playing and goofing off, playing with phones and signs and smashing roses. LOL Boys will be boys….{The interview clip: I had heard his account once before about how the rose explosions came about. That is a pretty funny story. Who would've ever thought? And to think that in the 80's he let all those colorful roses lay there and wilt. Jeeze!}- KP

Human Touch

We have the sax man Dino again!! I love it. I truly think he was a nice addition to the show. I am not sure if he's been in other shows with Rick and the guys, or if this was a special appearance because of the filming. I have to say…I like when Rick stops part way through and tips the blue glass and says, "excuse me while I take a little WINE break." He even looks like he may have already had too much wine at this point in the show. LOL George and Matt are jamming guitars together, Rick and Dino are rocking out, and Derek and Rodger are doing their thing. Another awesome performance of a classic Rick song! - KP

Jessie's Girl

No show would be complete without the song I hear Rick calling "his family member." One of the sexiest things I've seen him do live is when he stops during JG, looks around breathing into the mic for a bit, then begins singing again. *sigh* I love that for some reason. In a way I hate that they butted into that part of the show with his commentary! I wish they had held that segment until afterwards. It almost spoils the "moment." The crowd is never disappointed with this one. Rick is hot and tired by this point and his shirt is unbuttoned down. But no shirtless encore here! A little bare chest never hurt anyone, did it?! The camera is jumping around here a lot, but in ways it's a good thing because of the many perspectives. Then one last windmill move using some red roses and a few virtual hugs to "end" the show. I can tell he is still just winding up good.  - KP


Absolutely one of the greatest songs Rick's ever written in my opinion, musically and lyrically. I am so glad this song was in the set list. I wanted so badly to see it performed live when I saw him, but no such luck. It rocks out as a live number! Rick's energy level is unreal in Perfect. I like how he bounces up and down and his legs go crazy. ;-) - KP


A nice "slow down" song for the band, but one that sounds great live and rocks the crowd. He is getting all animated again with his hands in this song. Is that the actor in him??! At this point the stage looks almost like a rose garden!!! - KP

Love is Alright Tonite

I never really thought of this song as "the only party song he ever wrote," but if he says so! I will never turn down a guitar smash. I like how he throw the guitar up and it breaks when it hits, then he finished it off. Don't you KNOW that has got to jar his body slamming the guitar against the stage that way?! He also gives Rodger another dose of roses for the night. It's a fun and happy song to end the show with, or so you *think* it's going to end on this high energy note….KP

My Father's Chair

Wow. What a great addition to the show and a "perfect" way to wind it down. It's calming and introspective for ending such a high-energy and fulfilling show. It just leaves me with a great feeling after all that rock and roll! - KP


I am happy there is an interview included on the DVD. I like hearing Rick talk about his career. He looked especially adorable here with his curls, glasses and that bit of a facial shadow. Not to mention his wet lips. LOL Just how many times DOES he lick his lips here?! I loved his memory of how he was chosen by Pete Watson and how he thought his mom was only kidding when she told him Pete was there at their house. Another highlight for me is getting to hear him tell about how exciting it was to come to America, in search of the American dream, and what it was like to see it all with "new" eyes. 

I do believe one of the cutest parts of the interview is the smile in Rick's eyes and on his lips when he mentions finding Ron---"the black and white dog." What more could he have wanted at that moment after years of struggling? He had an acting job, a hit record about to take off and he found man's best friend! Little did he know, he would also find his soon-to-be wife. I guess the tarot card reader really WAS right! Nice to know that Rick's father was also sure about his success to come. That has got to be a good feeling for Rick to hold onto, that his father was his "champion," even though he didn't live to see it. 

Photo Gallery:

The photo gallery is beautiful, but it truly could have used about 50 more photos! Am I seeing things or is there a 3-D type of thing going on with those pictures? Especially in the one with the rose explosion…Maybe it's the way the camera moves on the picture?
- KP

*Please note, songs are listed in order in which they were performed (not as shown on the dvd)