Rock of Life 
Directed by Alex Proyas

According to US 

I  don't think I ever saw this video in it's entirety until a couple of years ago. I saw a clip of it when Rick did the Today show back in 1988, and I remember thinking it was chaos. Still when I watch it today, it reminds me of chaos.
The first thing that stands out for me is the watch, it's so clear and in focus, it's like time is the thing you're most aware of , the passing of time, possibly a biological clock. What's up with that little guitar? Maybe that was a cool style in 1988, I like the second one that shows up in the video, better. To me, it has more of a rock n roll feel.
The family pictures on the mantel being destroyed, to me, represents "normal" life being shattered or disrupted. The little boy and the paper airplane seems like the airplane represents his dream. It looks to me like the little girl jumping rope tries to catch it as it goes over her (not sure what that means). I have no idea what the guy who is in the old car is supposed to represent (maybe a friend who needed a job :-) or the preacher.
Rick at the end, seems like a sleazy character. He catches the plane, aka catches the dream. Not sure if I take that to mean that he had to become sleazy to catch the dream, or if that's not him, but the character is some other sleazy guy, maybe represents the record industry and the sleaziness in that.
He's wearing a cross, which I found interesting. I'm sure there's so much intertwined in this video that I'm just not getting, would love to know the scoop.
Liam was one cutey patooti, and his dad was one hot papa :-) - rlh







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