Alien Virus
(Rick Springfield)

Baby, where were you
I waited for hours
Up in the sky was a strange light
You know comets are falling and UFO's are calling
Where were you last night?
You used to be beautiful
Oh Baby Alright
I don't even recognize you anymore
I think maybe some Alien Virus infected your heart
I'm not waving I'm drowning, baby
Who's that one I see you with
You've been out walking and monkeys are talking to a black monolith
I don't want to be in this skin
Baby not tonight
I want to be in the one he's in
The one you want
I think maybe some Alien Virus infected your heart
You used to me all mine
Baby all night
Now, I don't even recognize you anymore
I think maybe some Alien Virus infected your heart
I think maybe some Alien Virus infected your heart

(total playing time: 2:28)

Song Facts: This can be found on shock/denial/anger/acceptance.� Rick performed this song in concert before the cd was released.

Critic comment - The song that always wrings me out and leaves me thinking "What a great album this is" - Tim Cain, Decatur Herald & Review.

Footnote - background picture was taken in Branson, MO on 8/30/03 by Renata Hearn during Alien Virus.


According to US

I've always thought the lyrics in this song sounded like one strange dream Rick had one late night flight home from Vegas to LA. "...I waited for hours Up in the sky was a strange light" Right there, in-between hours and up, he dozed off. Comets, UFO's, monkey's talking to a black monolith?? I know I've had some strange dreams after a hard day; nothing has popped up like talking monkeys, but I'm not much of a Sci-Fi nut. So now he's dreaming that aliens have attacked his woman, and she's digging it - so now he wants to be an alien, right? At least that's what I get out of the "I don't want to be in this skin, I want to be in the one he's in" line, I keep picturing those green men from Mars.

I'm also not a fan of the blues. I think I've expressed this opinion before (somewhere around the Beginnings album I believe) but this is just not one type of music I can get into. So it must be the awesome lyrics that have me hanging in on this track, and not skipping it. I hate the way his voice sounds, strained and tired - so if that's what he was going for, I guess that's good. Usually I'm halfway through this song before I realize I'm singing along in the car, then I stop abruptly and look guiltily around to see if anyone caught me enjoying it. :-) It's always right around the "I'm not waving, I'm drowning baby" line --'cause he voice cracks on the 'waving' and I wince. I agree that it's an awesome line, but not so great delivery. I always thought this song slowed this album down too much, but maybe sometimes a breather is good.

The times I've heard it live must not have been memorable, because I'm having a real hard time conjuring up those performances. I mean, I know I've heard it live. It must've been my brain thinking this was the one I really didn't like, so I didn't have to save it to the hard drive. I know -- bad fan! I wonder why it hasn't been done much live (as compared to the other sdaa tracks currently in rotation)? Maybe then I'd have something to remember. - Michelle P.

The first time I heard this song, I was a little worried. This was the second preview we had gotten for SDAA, the first being IDWAFY. The first song being very angry, and this one being, well, strange to say the least. It didn't help matters that the version we got really wasn't complete, and wasn't really practiced. The next night, it was actually even worse because Rick was clearly not feeling very well. We got to hear it several more times during the year and it got better and I actually got the point where I really liked it. He's very good at conveying the feeling that he used to be the one, now someone else is the one, and he wants to be that someone else. I still don't quite get the whole Alien Virus thing or the monkey's and the black monolith - yea, I know, I know, I know, it's 2001 Space Odyssey, but I can't really tie it to the song.
My favorite line is "I'm not waving I'm drowning baby". How brilliant is that? Also love "I don't want to be in this skin....."
I love Rick Springfield's voice, too. His singing voice and his speaking voice. There's just something about it. I even love it when he's singing sometimes when I know I probably shouldn't (when he doesn't quite hit the note the way he should or when he loses his falsetto during Inside Silvia). I don't, however, love the vocal performance on parts of this song. I'm sure it came out exactly the way he wanted it to come out, but I hope he never gets the urge to do that again. - rlh

I really like this song (I know I'm in the minority on this one, but, hey, I can't help it, I do!). Maybe it's because I only heard it live once or twice and I've heard it many, many times on the CD, but I really do like how sultry his voice sounds, the definite denial that's going on in his head, and his longing to be someone else. The line "You've been out walking and monkeys are talking to a black monolith" took me a while to digest, but what it says to me is that there's always someone watching and if you think you're fooling anyone, you're not. Also, another one of my favorite lines from this CD is "I'm not waving I'm drowning baby". Love it! - Charlotte P.

I don't care for this song. It just does nothing for me. I am glad that it is short. Someone has obviously left him for someone (or something) else. (Could she be nuts?? LOL) "I don't want to be in this skin, Baby not tonight, I want to be in the one he's in, The one you want." This is just another jilted lover, want-you-back song for me. Even the music doesn't do anything for me on this one :-( - Amy L.