God Gave You to Everyone
 (Rick Springfield)

I never wanted anyone
as much as I want you
While you were making everyone
I never had a clue
No matter how you treated me
I'm still in love with you

Can't kick the feeling that the
more I give  the more I owe
I'm walking through the garden
of the sun, it's raining though
I'm waiting for your kiss of life
but it's not gonna show

God gave you to everyone
In your summer of love
God gave you to everyone
Cause I'm not enough

We can't all be all things to everyone
You'll never spend your whole life
standing in the sun
You make, make me feel I don't mean
anything to anyone

Looking for the kiss in your mouth
Living at the edge of my skin
Standing on the roof of heaven 
With the devil as it crashes in

God gave you to everyone
you told me so
God gave you to everyone
Oh Domino

God gave you to everyone
In your summer of love
God gave you to everyone
Cause I'm not enough

(total playing time 2:36)

Song Facts: This an be found on shock/denial/anger/acceptance.
Rick performed this song live during the first few shows of the sdaa tour, but then dropped it.

Fun Fact: "Domino" is Latin for God.

Footnote - background photo was taken in Santa Clara, CA on 2/27/04 by Renata Hearn during one of the few performances of this song live.

According to US

I used to like this one a lot when I first got this CD. Then it kind of fell out of my top five, so I was waiting to see if my feelings would change back towards liking it a bit more before conveying my thoughts. That idea hasn't worked, so I'm not sure what's gonna come out now. So here goes....

I was extremely fascinated by the woman's (girl?) voice snippet at the beginning of this song. So much so that I spent weeks trying to decipher exactly what she was saying. It pissed me off that I couldn't hear it clearly. Ok, I know that's probably what Rick wanted, and you know what they say about curiosity and the cat and all. So I stopped trying to figure it out. I thought maybe that was why I really wasn't listening to it much anymore. So I tried to ignore that part of the song and concentrate on the damn song itself. (see, a little pent up anger is still seeping out there)

The other thing that bugs me about this song, is that Rick seems to be spitting out the words instead of singing them here. At least at the beginning it seems that way to me, by the chorus he seems to have calmed down. I'd really love to see him do this one live, to see if there is any change in how this song is projected.

There are some awesome lyrics here, I will say that. I hate the use of "while you were making everyone". Making?? What year is this, 1955? I really didn't think anyone used that term anymore. However, I can over look that one as the rest of the song is a keeper. "Can't kick the feeling that the more I give the more I owe" all the way through "looking for the kiss in your mouth" really sounds like the Rick Springfield I'm used to hearing. It's because of these fine lyrics reminding me of the RS that I love that I continue to rank this song as one of the better ones on s/d/a/a. - Michelle P.

I've been hooked on this song since the first time I played it! Rick's voice sounds great in this song, and is Rodger playing those drums or what?!?

I think it's so ironic that in GGYTE he doesn't care that she's seeing someone else..."I never wanted anyone as much as I want you. While you were making everyone I never had a clue" ...then in the very next song (IDWAFY) he is definitely pissed off that she is seeing someone else...But everything you gave to me you went and gave away to anybody else with a dick... I think he definitely went full circle when he wrote these two songs!

It's just bittersweet that I like these angry songs so much because he must have been going through some really serious shit to write these. Oh well, I guess his anger makes us happy. (and I so like the Oh Domino statement in there (now that I get it!)) - Charlotte P.

The first time I listened to the cd, when I got to this song, I remember thinking "I like this one best so far". However, that wore off pretty quick. I don't really like the verses so much, just kind of talk/screaming. I really like the Chorus and I love the one verse : "Looking for the kiss in your mouth....." I wish there was more of that in the song, although it's the change up that probably makes it stand out. I guess one of my problems is I really don't get this song or what it's trying to say. Rick says "it's about the person who feels that the rules of a relationship are for the other person only". 
My best interpretation of this is that it's ok for her to mess around, but not him.
"While you were making everyone", that's an interesting way to put it. It seems like she goes running off when things get bad and he's trying to say you have to work through the bad stuff because there's always going to be bad stuff. I really like his voice inflection when he says "it's raining though". 
This is also the one song that I didn't enjoy as much live. Every other song on the cd I've heard, I've liked it even better live. I really go back and forth on this song, so it'll be interesting to see how things have changed when we revisit this cd after some time has passed. - rlh

This is definitely a song of anger to me and I love to listen to it while driving (may not be too good for the others on the road huh?) I like the line "We can't be all things to everyone"�how true is that? It's a little hard to sing along with at some points. Not too much to say about it really, but I like it. Awesome to listen to with earphones on. - Amy L.

WOW!!!! This song�it speaks volumes to me. It is likely my favorite song on the whole CD. That is a difficult statement to make too, because each song seems to go with the other songs. There are others that I will say are my favorites as well, but when I think of turning on SDAA, the 1st song that enters my mind is this one. I CRAVE this song at least once a day, usually more! (well�I crave the whole CD everyday!) 

I hope to see this song live someday, if nothing else, for that unbelievable guitar Rick is playing in the guitar breaks towards the end. (I can picture him in my mind doing that solo�it sounds like he's "making love to the guitar here." Weird comparison I know, but it's impossible to describe that sound & the effect it has on me!) 

I have to discuss the guitar first, even though it's towards the end, since it is one of the most important aspects of the song for me. It is the key element that makes me want to hear it on repeat 10 times! The last time he does it is my favorite, although both are heaven to my ears. I like how it works into something of a high-pitched frenzy, almost. I also love the backing guitars & how they sound ominous behind his fevered guitar solo. He might as well be speaking or singing here, because the way I hear it�the guitar is literally talking to me! I cannot get enough of that part. It sounds haunting, the way he plays the guitar in those solos. (my complaint�those two parts are not long enough, and that's the only complaint I have here!) Every time I hear that guitar, all I can think is "guitar God!" The man can really make it talk to us! 

There isn't one ounce of this tune that I don't like. Every beat, lyric, instrument, vocal "inflection," sound effect, everything just reaches into me. I love the angst, desperation & the sarcasm in his voice. I love the way it starts out so in your face�with that rhythmic guitar in the background--"I never wanted anyone as much as I want you, while you were making everyone I never had a clue. No matter how you treated me I`m still in love with you." Isn't that so often the case with many people? We can be mistreated�.run over emotionally, but yet we are still in love with the person who caused us so much pain. Is it because we want to look for the good in that person? Or is it the holding on to what we thought that person was? The "perfect" image we have in our head maybe. He was/is apparently angry at someone, or at least that's the feeling I get here. I can hear anger, shock AND denial in this song. It's obviously about a broken/one-sided relationship, but it's easy for me to interpret many things from the lyrics. 

My favorite lyrics are the three lines: (mostly the 2nd one)

"Can't kick the feeling that the more I give the more I owe�
I'm walking through the garden of the sun it's raining though�
I'm waiting for your kiss of life but it's not gonna show."

Oh, the feeling in his voice there! Especially the 2nd line, as if to say, "See, I told you things wouldn't work out! Things were going TOO good!" Reminds me so much of my husband. I am the optimist, he is the pessimist. (we balance one another out this way. Apparently it's a great combination in a relationship!) The meaning I get from those lines are such a theme at my house. Especially that second line! My husband often feels like if there's "sunshine," then it sure won't be for long�there is bound to be "dark rain clouds" close behind. Things can never be too good�oh no. The more I give the more I owe---give an inch & people will take a mile. Rick says it perfectly there. The "kiss of life" that never shows---I see that as the rewards we seek, but something always gets in the way of that. Something will surely rain on our parade. Again�major pessimism, or so it seems. Maybe it's just lessons Rick has learned (acceptance?), and not negativity at all. 

"We can't all be all things to everyone�you'll never spend your whole life standing in the sun." Isn't that the gospel truth?! As much as we all strive for those things, it just isn't possible. We cannot be "perfect." We cannot be everything. Life is full of downs as well as ups. "It is what it is."

I love how he stretches out the words "love" & "enough" in the chorus. It really adds to the emotion I already feel when I hear it. For some reason the line "summer of love" makes me think of Woodstock and hippies! Wasn't that what people called it, the summer of love? I am not real sure, seeing as how I was born in `68, I don't know firsthand J 

"God gave you to everyone, Cuz' I'm not enough." What a sad thought! And what a blow to his self-esteem. This person cannot be happy with the love of just one�she had to have everyone she desired, and probably didn't give a s**t who she ran over to get it. So many people are that way. They look out for #1, at the expense of everyone around them, usually the person who loves them the most. Just like the girl's voice speaking at the start of the song, "It's what I want." Well sometimes in life, we have to think of those around us, and what our choices will do to them! 

"Looking for the kiss of your mouth, living at the edge of my skin. Standing on the roof of heaven with the devil as it crashes in." Wow, what a line! So cool how his voice kind of cracks when he says "devil." I adore the way he kind of whispers the words mouth & skin. Whooo! It's passionate & horrible at the same time. He desires this person, but is on edge, not sure of her next move�then his worst fears come true. He sees her for what she really is, and his world comes crashing in. I love how Rick uses the Latin word for God, with Domino, rather that just saying "oh God." It sounds sooo good in this song. (Did I mention that Rick is a lyrical genius?! Oh yeah, his fans know that already�lol) 

Now for the incredible music and background vocals! The ahhhs in the background sound like a choir of angels (?), and the way the music drifts back & forth between the speakers (headphones are best!) only adds to the mood he set up with this song. Is that violins behind the "ahhh�.ahhh's?" It sure sounds like it. Whatever was used to create the sounds here�it all fits together in the best way. I LOVE the little pause, and the guitar pluck (and the 2 little beats of the drum) that's on it's own before the chorus starts back full swing. "God gave you to everyone�." kicks in once again, then that last (my favorite!) guitar God part that seems to build�again with those violins mixed in and then it just kind of stops. Is there a meaning to how the music itself builds into a frenzy & then just stops? Maybe it's a comparison to the relationship he's speaking of. He built her up in his mind, to be someone she's not, then the relationship just ended--abruptly. And what a cool ending, with the solitary guitar pluck (like a screech!) on the last note. 

Nothing would thrill me more than to hear this song come across the radio somewhere. In my opinion�this is a definite radio song, that I feel could be a huge hit, if more of the general public were exposed to it. It absolutely ROCKS! - Kelley Pearson