idontwantanything from you
(Words and Music by Rick Springfield)

You only want me when you're high
and you try to heal but you crucify
It's the same shit different day�
you say you're sorry like it's s'pose to change everything and everything's ok
And everything you gave to me you went and gave away to anybody else with a dick

i don't want anything from you
i don't want anything from you
i don't want anything from you

Sorry baby but I can't join your party.
And I liked you better the way you were
you're a sad little cliche�
you say you're sorry like it's s'pose to change everything and make it go away
but everything you gave to me I want to give it back to you on a stick

I don't want anything from you
I don't' want anything from you
i don't want anything from you

(I wonder how it got to be)

You lie....You happy with your little freak show?
(I wonder how it got to be)
you you were just so so
(I wonder how it got to be)

I don't hate you, I don't hate you,�
I don't hate YOU
I don't want anything from you
I don't' want anything from you
i don't want anything from you

You lie....You happy with your little freak show?
(I wonder how it got to be)
i don't want anything from YOU

(total playing time 3:18)

Song Facts: This can be found on shock/denial/anger/acceptance.� Rick started performing this song in February of 2002.� It was the first song he was writing for the new cd that he let the public hear.� He stills performs it off on on at concerts through the sdaa tour.

Footnote - the background picture was taken at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL late show on 6/14/03 by Renata Hearn during the performance of this song.  The guitar you see was the usual guitar he played during this song, until it apparently was broken.


According to US

This weekend was my first opportunity to hear this song, and frankly my dear - I damn near love it! I got to hear it 4 times (once during sound check in Kettering & then the 3 shows) so I think I've got it down pat. <Yep, 6 weeks after the CD release, I definitely have it down pat ;-)> 
Rick is sure pissed at someone. <I still agree.> 
I have to admit, I was a bit shocked at first - at the hardness of the music, at the hardness of the lyrics, the way he screams "YOU" as if it needs additional emphasis. But I think by the end of the weekend, the freakin' song was really starting to turn me on! I couldn't wait for the point in the show he played it. I don't know if I'm just THAT hungry for new music from the man already, or if it's the way it totally takes a turn from the songs on the Karma album...but I can't wait to hear it again already!!! 

Considering I wrote this review about 8 months before the CD was released, and at least a few months before we knew the album was going to be titled s/d/a/a - my use of the term shocked is rather hilarious here, and that in this paragraph I went from shock to acceptance in about 10 seconds flat! I do know that I was that hungry for new music by my reaction to listening to the whole CD endlessly for a month. I was on sensory overload. It all sounded good to me. Ok, it still does...but now I'm capable of critiquing it. 

I think my favorite part has got to be: 

"You lie - happy with your little freak show? You lie - baby you were so-so." Makes you wanna go oooohhh... <Yep, still my favorite part - that has not changed a bit.> 

I have to admit I'm a little concerned that this won't get any airplay with these lyrics (somehow I can't see radio stations cutting out the "dick" part) but hey, I'm past the days that I need to hear Rick on the radio anyway. Been listenin' to the tapes & CD's while I drive for years now anyway. <Considering I'm still waiting to hear the single "Will I" on the radio, I'm going to reserve any additional comment about this paragraph. Still listening to the CD's - but occasionally will "unplug" just to make sure it's still not being played on the radio.> 

I've been doing way to much thinking about this song the past couple of days. Who is it about? What did they actually do to get Rick at this point? Is it "the stalker", is it a fan, is it his wife?? (I'm hoping no on that last one). Sometimes I wish the Man wasn't so forthcoming in telling us most of his songs are personal. <I'm not wondering about this as much anymore. Must be the acceptance thing again. > 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this one an 11 :-) <Ok, I'm dropping it a couple of notches to a 9. To quote the man himself, "there is no Perfect anything" and frankly I feel that this isn't the best track on the album. Good, yes - my favorite, no. Before I wrote that, I questioned myself as to whether I decided that because I had already heard the song before the CD was released and it seemed "old" now. But that's not it. The excitement of hearing it live has kind of worn off, but other than that - there are just other songs on this album that I would choose to hear over and over again other than this one.> - Michelle P.

I wasn't at the Studio 54 show, so I didn't get to hear the live debut of the song, but a few people that I know kept telling me I was just going to love it. I listen to hard rock radio all day long at work and it's very similar to what they play, plus his language gets a little raunchy and I've been known to dig that too. Then I heard it, and my stomach just dropped. My initial reaction was total sadness. I was upset that he was this angry and this upset. I guess if we didn't personalize every song he writes, we'd view every song differently, but it's hard to hear a song and not try to figure out what's inspiring him to write it. However, after letting all that sink in, I've learned to let all that go and just try to enjoy the song, and it really does rock :-) Every performance seems to get better and better, so when he finally does lay it down for the album, it's really going to sound great. 

It's too bad he can't practice all his stuff live on the road, but I agree with what he said in an earlier interview, I don't think we want to hear the entire album in advance, we need some new stuff to look forward to. 

The part of the song that I like the best is the part about "saying you're sorry". It's one thing to accidentally cause someone a problem and to truly be sorry for it, but there's some people out there that think they can do anything they want to get their way and just say "sorry" when it's all said and done. Doing something that's totally avoidable, and then thinking you can say you're sorry afterwards, is just totally unacceptable. 

<Follow up Review: Boy, was I wrong! All the practice he did on this song live actually didn't really come across on this recorded version. It's missing some of the energy, and the "everything, everything, everything" part that he does still bugs me. I've heard this song live so many time, and never once did he ever sing it that way. What is up with that? So after getting over the shock of it being the way it was, instead of the way I expected it to be, I do like his voice a lot on this song. I still prefer it live, but then again, almost all of these songs that he has performed in concert are even better live, so I guess that makes sense, now that I think about it. We just got this one backwards - it's better live. Well, yea, and so are the rest of them. Just shows what a great performer he is. A lot of people when they play live, fans are disappointed because the record sounds so much better, but in Rick's case he's even better live.> - rlh

The first time I heard this song, it was live�before the release of the CD. I was totally shocked! But, in a good way. All I could think was, "Wow, Rick has gone hard rock on me and I love it!"..LOL Hearing this one in that little `preview' just made me anticipate the Cd even more. My fave part is "You lie�you happy with your little freak show?" (I wonder how it got to be) you lie� baby you were just so so ( I wonder how it got to be)" This is definitely an anger song but I love to jam to it when I am mad or happy.  - Amy L.

This song has a great kick-off, symbols (ching ching ching) and then the drum and guitars crank up. It screams anger�from beginning to end. A real head-banging song, one to scream out the lyrics to, and feel such a release from any pent up anger. This song is placed in the perfect spot on the CD, right after God Gave You To Everyone and before Jesus Saves. It just flows�and only makes sense in this spot. I feel sure Rick gave a lot of thought to where each track was placed, as far as the SDAA theme goes. The bass guitar and rhythm of the music as this song opens is music to my ears!

Immediate accusations and anger, right off the bat, no messing around�"you only want me when you're high, and you try to heal but you crucify." Great deep-voiced vocals here, and quiet guitar strumming, which adds to the affect. It appears she tries to heal herself, or escape reality by being high, but of course it only causes them both more pain. Crucify--another on of those great religious words! I love that visual imagery. Pure anger and possible shock in his tone here--"It's the same shit different day, you say you're sorry like it's supposed to change everything, and make it go away. And everything you gave to me, you went and gave away to anybody else with a dick." WOW�the angst in those words is unreal! I must say, the first few times I heard this song, I didn't even hear the "dick" word. Don't ask me why! I must have been wrapped up in the sound itself. It slipped by my ear. Then suddenly I heard it. Talk about a jaw-dropping moment! It just sounded strange, yet good, to hear him being so blunt. I welcomed that with open arms. Such a relief to hear Rick say exactly what was on his mind here, without beating around the bush. He has surely earned the right to do so. I would hate to be the subject in this song�ouch! The hard music as he gets to the end of that verse adds to the dramatic nature of the lyrics, to the anger. Then it goes into a light keyboard sound, before that awesome little beat on the drum, (one of my favorite elements in this song�that distinct beat) right as it kicks into the chorus--"I don't want anything from you." The background vocals in the chorus combined with Rick's vocals sounds almost like he's growling the words. Pretty cool sound! 

"Sorry baby but I can't join your party. And I liked you better the way you were." Awesome how he says the word "party," giving it a sarcastic tone, since it really is not a party (not to him anyway, but maybe to her!) "You're a sad little clich�, you say you're sorry like it's supposed to change everything, and make it go away." Again, Rick and his vocal inflections�amazing how he can make me FEEL the words, as in this case�anger, pain, shock/disbelief. The damage is done, and simply saying "sorry" does NOT make things better. "But everything you gave to me I wanna give it back to you, on a stick." When I first heard how he rhymed "dick" and "stick" I thought maybe he'd drawn a blank, and had no idea what else to use there! LOL�.But as I thought more on it, I realized that I have heard the expression "give it you on a stick," which is a gesture of major disgust and anger. So I see it making perfect sense. I just love that line almost as much as the dick part! Now it's different than the 1st verse. No period of anticipation with keyboards in between here and the chorus (the slamming lyrics) as in the first verse�.rather it goes right the point. Here's how it is! He wants no favors, no excuses, no nothing from her. She's made her bed. 

I love the deep, quiet in the line "I wonder how it got to be." Then the drum roll send off into the anger again--"you lied! You happy with your little freak show�You lied! Baby you were just so-so." That part has got to be one of those classic rock & roll lines, in my opinion! I just love it. "Freak show!" To him it certainly was a freak show. But wow, what a major cut-down here�"you were just so-so." Ouch again. Who was the subject of this song?? What a knife to the heart! But I believe that was his intention. You tell her Rick! The background of him coming in again with "I wonder how it got to be," sounds like he is pondering�.how the hell could this happen?! He says he doesn't hate her, he just wants no favors at this point, nothing from her.

What an awesome ending with the screaming, "I don't want anything from yooouuuuuu!" It sounds like it's skipping in a way�which gives the feeling that he has been "broken" by the whole situation. Nice sound effect! This song is an angry masterpiece for me. Definitely one of my favorite songs from SDAA, and one to be played LOUDLY. I can actually feel a sense of relief after hearing this song, like an outlet for my pent up stress! Thank you Rick for a rockin' angry tune! - Kelley P.