(Rick Springfield)

Love is the drug we're blessed and cursed
I could feel the hunger burst inside of you
Perfect Body, Perfect Skin
There is no perfect anything
I tried hard to be the perfect one
But it's not enough, it's not enough
Welcome to my execution
in the name of love, in the name of love

Turn up your radio, love is king
Everything will be beautiful
Turn up your radio forget that sting
Everything will be beautiful

Love's got a dirty mind, love can bite
I forget that sometimes love's a parasite
Hail, Hail Mary full of grace
You disappeared without a trace
I needed your hand to lead me through this fire
But you let it go, you let it go
Where's my absolution
I really don't know, I really don't know

Turn up your radio, love is king
Everything will be beautiful
Turn up your radio forget that sting
Everything will be beautiful, beautiful

Hey, Hey, My, My
I said my perfect love will never die
Perfect love, perfect sin
There is no perfect anything
We tear each other limb from limb
In the name of God, in the name of love
There's only two choices, sink or swim
I wish I was perfect FOR YOU

Turn up your radio, love is king
Everything will be beautiful
Turn up your radio forget that sting
Everything will be beautiful

Turn up your radio, love is king
Everything will be, Everything will be beautiful

(total playing time 2:57)

Song Facts: This can be found on shock/denial/anger/acceptance.


According to US

The "Perfect" song to start off this album, IMO. Just that little tiny pick of the guitar strings, and the first word out of Rick's mouth ..."love" gives you no indication of how you'll be blown away by the intensity of the words, the music, the complete package. Love is the perfect word to describe this song, this album. I love it.

I'm not sure if Rick is talking about himself on this one, or someone thoughts keep going back to him and the time he was in Vegas. He was changing his looks a bit (waxing that chest, working out...etc) "Perfect body, perfect skin" but maybe feeling that when it was all said and done, "it was not enough". I don't know for sure, but I thought he was really happy doing EFX...I mean he extended his contract and everything...and then s/d/a/a comes out. He's doing interviews saying that he went through a really rough year, yadda yadda --and I'm like, "What??" I guess that explains the line, "Welcome to my axe-cution, in the name of love" Was he being miserable again so he could write music? He always says he can't write when he's happy, and that music was his first love. 

The chorus on this song reminds me a lot of kids today and how they don't really listen to the words in the music anymore, they just care if it sounds good. If you turn it up loud enough you can also block out what's going on around you, then "everything will be beautiful". The beat in this song makes it a perfect one to crank, I love screaming the words while I'm driving. 

My favorite part of this song is the line where the music stops on the "FOR YOU". When Rick is doing this one live, he sometimes sounds breathless... and to me that's just more thing he does that makes my heart skip a beat. It does provide an emphasis on how important that part is, as the music stops for a minute and you're totally focused on what the true meaning of the song might be. But is it "you" as in one specific person, or "you" in a collective term of fans, or critics, or whomever? I guess only Rick knows. - 
Michelle P.

I really do think this song can be applied to the relationship between the fans and Rick, wanting him to be perfect, thinking he's perfect, being disappointed when he's not, but I don't think that's the way this was written (although I think about that a lot when I hear the song now). This seems to have more of a romantic slant to it to me. When I first heard the song, the verses and the chorus were just not gelling for me. I couldn't figure out what one thing had to do with the other, it was almost like two songs combined into one. After having listened to it more, it makes more since to me now. I still can't figure out if I think the last line is him still wanting to be perfect, or if he's being sarcastic. He seems to have such a "pleaser" personality, I can totally see him still trying to be perfect, even though he knows it's something he can't achieve.
This is a nice, catchy song, I love the rhyme scheme within it, and this is a song that I like more and more every time I listen to it. I'd say it's my second favorite on the cd. - rlh

First up on the cd and a "perfect" opener in my opinion. "Turn up your radio" Yeah, because you're in for a real treat with this one! The line~ "I wish I was perfect "FOR YOU" is so intense. Woo! That part stands out for me. The guitars, drums, all of it is just `right on it'! Amy L

Rick picked the "perfect" song out of this collection, for kicking off the CD! It feels to me like this song sets the mood for what is to come. It absolutely rocks out!!! 

I love that hi-fi, lo-fi music style that Rick talks about. That totally makes a song, in my opinion. I just never knew what it was called until seeing the interview with Rick. Brilliant! It snags the listener & then draws you in�kicks your butt. Love the screech his guitar makes as it opens up, then I'm pulled in full force by the "yeeeaaahhh" right before it kicks off. Talk about wanting to head bang or drive really really fast! 

This song also has a deep meaning for me�I seem to connect with the connotations here. I think sometimes parents (and society) train us to be perfect�expect too much�and put us up on a pedestal. It becomes impossible to live up to, when you're only human. I know I feel that way a lot�the longing to be perfect, never mess up, never grow old�all those things that I feel this song explores. This song is really a great lesson; remarkable songwriting. I've known for awhile that the perfect issue is one of my demons, so I have taught my daughter that she is my everything, but she is human, not perfect.

So clear & crisp: "Love is the drug, we're blessed & cursed" Totally! I couldn't agree more! "I could feel the hunger burst inside of you." I'm not sure if this has a double-meaning or not. Inside of who? His woman, his fans. Hmmm�either way, the words make sense. I kind of lean towards the song being about his social mask�the way he thinks the fans see him. I honestly don't see him as perfect. He is very obviously not�none of us are. "There is no perfect anything." Now I do think he has a perfect gift! Big difference there. He's given us that gift for over 25 years. 

"Welcome to my execution, in the name of love in the name of love." And I think it rocks how he accidentally pronounced it as axecution instead, and he left it that way!!! Either way, it means the same thing to me�just gives it an interesting twist. I wonder if the execution is Rick's taking the plunge back into music (well the touring), and he is doing it for the love he has for his fans. How sad & kind at the same time! Again�thank you Rick for bringing your gift back out. 

"Turn up your radio, love is King�everything will be beautiful. Turn up your radio forget that sting�everything will be beautiful." Music most definitely has that effect on me! What a magical form of escapism. Music CAN wash away the blues & create beauty, even if only temporary. A song can open your eyes & give understanding. Sometimes the words of others can change your life, if the messages are heard at the right moment in time. Yes, turn up the radio! I like the "love is King" part a lot. To me it means 2 different things. One, referring to all the songs on the radio with promises of love & everything to do with love. Two, I tend to think of him as saying it sarcastically, because he calls love "King" and "the drug." I especially agree with the latter, because of the next amazing verse. "Love's got a dirty mind, love can bite. I forget that sometimes love's a parasite." What a cool use of the word parasite in a song! Sooo true! And not just with romantic love either�there's many types of love�family, friends, spiritual. Does he feel that the media ate him alive, in a sense? 

Then the spiritual references that I love so much about Rick's writing. "Hail hail Mary full of grace�you disappeared without a trace." So much raw emotion in his voice here (through the whole song actually). He sounds disbelieving in a way during disappeared without a trace. Who, the fans? Not sure about that statement. "I needed your hand to lead me through this fire, but you let it go, you let it go. Where's my absolution? I really don't know, I really don't know." The fire meaning the down times? The road of life? Often times Rick's music leaves me with huge question marks in my head, wondering what the true meaning is behind them. That is part of what makes his music so exciting to keep coming back to. Absolution: Freedom---Forgiveness. That is a good question as well! Where is it in the scheme of things? Does it get lost? 

"Hey hey, my my�said my perfect love will never die. Perfect love, perfect sin�there is no perfect anything." 

I like how his voice is imperfect, kind of cracks when he says "perfect" the 1st time and the last. That sounds incredible, and seems so fitting. 

"We tear each other limb from limb in the name of God in the name of love." Yes, the world can be quite cruel at times, when we all should know that none of us are perfect. " I like how his voice quivers on the word love. Is that the right word for it?! LOL There's only 2 choices sink or swim. I wish I was perfect FOR YOU." I love the strength behind "for you." So maybe this song is about his fan relationships! 

The music has a hard-driving metal sound to me. The instruments blend wonderfully and the drums are killer throughout. Then� for the grand finale, the song sweeps you full force into the next hard-rocking tune, blending beautifully. I think the merge of Perfect & I'll Make You Happy was a rockin' intro to this deep, and thoughtful collection. This song is a "perfect" 10 in my book - Kelley Pearson