Your Psychopathic Mother
(Rick Springfield)

Your psychopathic mother
told you, you were beautiful
just not beautiful enough
I know why you give yourself away
cause they make you feel special
but you never feel special enough
And I can still breath you in
Skin warm from the hot desert sky
Right here, right now is all there is
and yesterday is dead
Tomorrow never comes
Right here, right now is all there is
Was it something that I said
You just went numb

Your disinterested father taught you
that a man's attention is precious
and you never called his bluff
I gave everything I could to you
because I think you're precious
I can never make you feel precious enough

And I could still breath you in
Oh Layah, I won't even try

Right here, right now is all there is
and yesterday is dead
Tomorrow never comes
Right here, right now is all there is
We laughed until we bled
it felt so dumb

Your psychopathic mother told you
you were beautiful
Just not beautiful enough

(total playing time 2:49)

Song Facts: This can be found on shock/denial/anger/acceptance.

Fun Fact:
The term Layah means dissolution, melting of all karmic conditioning and limitations that have accrued as result of various occurrences and incidents which took place in the course of one's entire lifetime. The barriers of a preconditioned life become gradually dissolved, until the soul sees the enlightening world of freedom and salvation (Kaivalya). Layah means to absorb or to dissolve. The word Yoga means unity or reconciliation. One can say that the whole phrase may be interpreted as: the yoga of absorbing dissolution in God's Spirit

According to US

Here's yet another song that I really like, but can't quite wrap my brain around. And yet another song that feels like two different songs put together. I like the psychopathic mother/disinterested father angle. So many people are psychologically messed up because they had hard to please people in their lives and made it important to try to please them and set themselves up for total failure, leaving themselves with little or no self worth. It's hard to have self worth when you feel like a complete failure. I love the word "disinterested" and the way he says it. It gets me every time. Then there's the chorus. Live for Today. I think this song could have been split in half and then each idea could have had more added to it and we'd have had two pretty great songs. Instead we have one great song. I guess I'll take that. 
And for some reason, I think the girl in this song is the same girl that's the subject of "the Invisible Girl". They both seem to be trying to gain self worth by having a bunch of men "love" them. Then again, maybe Rick just knows a lot of women like that. He certainly has a lot of fans like that. People that look for his approval to gain their self worth. I mean, "if Rick Springfield likes me, I must be cool". And yet, that's really not enough either. - rlh

Now we get to one of the most intriguing titles of the SDAA album. Who doesn't believe they have a psychopathic mother? The Spanish sounding music on the beginning of this one kind-of fits with the whole "loco" theme of the title too. 

What kind of mother tells their child they are beautiful, but not beautiful enough? No wonder why "she" gives herself away. Disclaimer: I always feel that the subject matter of most of Rick's music is female, basically because he's a heterosexual male. So unless he tells me otherwise, it's about a woman. Rick is telling "her" to live in today, the present -as that is all that matters. You can't change what happened yesterday. Lord knows lots of people have tried. You can't control what's going to happen in the future no matter how hard you try. Stay in the moment, breathe it in - and feel it.

My favorite line of the song? "I could still breathe you in, oh Layah I won't even try. Exhale." Okay, I admit's the breathing/exhale noise. Gets me every time. That and the way he says "Layah". It just makes me want to change my name to that, introduce myself and hear him say it back. Okay, probably not the best thing to confess here...but you know what I mean, right? If not, just nod. I'm not dangerous. :-) After making this admission, and realizing that my all-time favorite songs all include some sort of audible breathing on Rick's part (Souls, IAS and this one) I'm thinking I'm up for a recording of Rick just sitting in a room, breathing. 

So I'm gonna go get me some hot desert sun (I wish!) and lie back with Rick breathing in my ear. Wanna join me? - 
Michelle P.

Another of my favorites on SDAA (ok so it�s a long list). My parents are not the types to tear you down so I do not relate on that level � but I have seen others ensure ir or at times may self inflict it.

I think this song boils down to a relationship where the woman has no or little self esteem and he�s determined that it�s because of her parents and how they treated her or related to her. Some people may grow up and learn to recognize the negative and false impressions and work to reverse them. But others do not, perhaps because they do not recognize the cause or just because they cannot see their life any other way because they believe it so much.

So this woman appears to still be stuck - not pretty enough and not good enough or perhaps equal or deserving of this man�s love. He�s imploring her with "right here, right now" is all there is" but she is still trapped.

On a random note � I caught the video for John Mayer�s song "Daughters" today and while I�ve heard that song LOTS of times on the radio I�m not really a big fan so I guess I don�t pay much attention. But today for some reason I really listened to the lyrics and the theme of the song was very much like this one - relationship problems because of the woman�s past and how her relationship with her father & mother have screwed her up.

Back to Rick's song - besides the lyrics I just love the music it goes from very sweet to simply rocking ...particularly the verses that start with the "breath you in" lines. The "right here, right now" brings up references to the Van Halen song but this just has more.... ok so the actual breath is very cool. But the lyrics about her past are surrounded by the more mellow music and then when he's trying to get her to hear him the music and energy builds. Very fitting.~Jen H.

The music in the beginning of this song doesn't even prepare you for what is about to entice your ears. I love the guitar from the start, but it's exciting once it starts to "ROCK"!! 

"And I could still breathe you in"
"Oh Layah, I won't even try"

Then my favorite part, that little pause with the big "sigh"�.oohh my favorite part of the whole song. I have to turn it up at this point. My second favorite part of this song is the background vocals "tomorrow never comes" Although the lyrics don't really do anything for me, it's a very high-energy, exciting song at some points. I also like the way it goes from that acoustic "plucking" of the guitar into full fledge electric guitar. Awesome. - Amy L.