One Way Street

(Rick Springfield/Matt Bissonette)

From a window, I'm looking down at a one way street
All the cars, they're all pushing in one direction
And the faceless people moving ahead in that same direction
Every one of those people searching your eyes for a real connection
Yeah, I'm just like you, looking for meaning to feel complete
Hope and praying its true, that love is never a one way street

And I see a distant light, from where I stand
Here in the fields of fire
But I go to sleep at night
On broken glass, wrapped up in chains and wire

A way, a way, a way, a way, a way-o
A way, a way, a way, a way, a way-o

On the highroads, and every main street that's been neglected
Lay the bodies and broken dreams of the disconnected
Now I'm standing here looking at the road ahead
I wish we could ride this highway
All I want is to feel connected

I can see a distant light
Between the veils of smoke from the cannon fire
but I go to sleep at night
On a bed of nails wrapped up in chains and wire

A way, A way, Love is never a one way street
A way, A way, Love is never a one way street
Away, away, Love is never a one way street
A way, a way, a way-o,
A way, a way , Love is never a one way street
Away, away, a way-o
(and so on...)

Don't Let Go
Love is never a one way street.....



According to US

This is a theme that Rick likes to revisit from time to time. Human Touch, half the songs on Tao, Modern World, Is Everybody Happy?, and again after this on Rocket Science (which I guess I'll revisit when we get there). I'm sure there are probably even more songs that could be included that are a little more suble. The loss of human connection. Even on this very day, he mentions the airport in Canada being taken over by machines/computers. Human Touch is almost a prediction and is kind of eerie how relevant that song still is 30 plus years later. In this case, the theme is kind of intertwined with a love/relationship connection.
And like many songs on this album/record/cd (I never know what to call these things anymore - I feel like "record" is safe because it is short for "recording" but a lot of people tend to association record with LP.....but I digress) this song has so much good poetry. So many lines that strike up a visual. The very first verse, I can see a scene from a movie where someone is looking at the window of a high rise, watching traffic, as the robot-like people go through their day.
Fields of fire, broken glass, chains, wire -visuals that are not necessarily new, but somehow work, again and again.
The strangest part for me - away, away, away-o. Looky High, Looky Low - anyone? - rlh


This one appears on a couple of my homemade RS Favorites CDs. Musically speaking, the intro grabs me. A friend said the music sounds like Neil Diamond (ala Coming to America I guess?), which I'm actually cool with. It picks me up and takes me for the ride of the song.

Then there are the lyrics, which really speak to me. Some say we can't really know if the lyrics are Rick's or Matt's or both, but in my mind they are Rick's because I think he is an amazingly gifted wordsmith and these words seem to be woven together with great care. The yin and yang of this song resonates with me. People feel so alone, disconnected and unloved. None of us is wrong for feeling that way, but we can't let that occupy all of the space in our heads because in reality, we are connected, and in the end "Don't Let Go; Love is Never a One Way Street." -PBS