Inside Silvia

This video can be found exclusively on the ALIVE DVD

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Even after 3 million times of hearing Inside Silvia these last 25 years, I STILL love this song. I still get `cold chills' when Rick hits those high notes and then smoothly glides back down to the low notes, sounding almost `private' and singing softly at points. And I still hope to see this song live again someday. This has got to be my favorite song by Rick. For any Rick Springfield fan it's nearly impossible to say 100% what your favorite song is, as it can change from week to week, and there are so many incredible songs to choose from. But let's just say…this is the song that is dearest to my heart. When I think of Rick…I think of Inside Silvia, just as much as I would Jessie's Girl. The fact that Rick created such a splendid video for this song is one of the greatest treats he's ever given *me.* What a beautiful & sexy video for one of the sweetest, most romantic songs ever written. Too bad this one didn't go `mainstream,' because I feel it would have awakened this song publicly and been a joy for Rick fans to see it `live and on the air.' 

First off…Rick looks HOT in this video! I love how he's so animated with his hands and arms as he's singing, clenching his fists and spreading out his arms. I also like the half-smiles he has as he sings and the 'swaying' body movements. I love his outfit, his hair, his glasses, his expressions, the way he keeps stretching back, the really cool part where he appears to be spinning with his eyes closed, hands facing out. Everything…..every single thing in this video is perfection to me. The one and only flaw? It's not long enough! Like with the Faithful video, Rick is in an outfit that looks very comfortable on him, like something he'd bum around the house in. I really like the casual look on Rick, such as this. He has on what appears to be dark blue cargo pants and then a long-sleeved soft-looking gray T-shirt. He's also wearing some type of long necklace on a red `chain.' Rick's hair is a bit shorter in this video then it was in Faithful, but it still looks great on him! 

I really like how the video starts out with the water rippling and the close-up shot of the Buddha fountain. Immediately you have a calmness, just seeing and hearing the fountain by the pool. I'm not sure what the `red things' are in the pool. Rose petals? LOL I figure it must be some red tiles scattered about on the floor of the pool. Then there's the beautifully decorated house, with it's Oriental décor and the magnificent wall hanging that's on the wall behind where Rick is singing. The statues and tropical greenery are also very nice. One of my favorite highlights in the room are the large rounded pillars going from floor to ceiling. (support beams or decorations? ) It's quite stunning the way this room is made. I bet the rest of the house was just as tastefully decorated. I especially like all the light in that room, with the large rounded windows looking out to the pool. I even scoped out the floors in there. There are some nice hardwood designs over by the windows. Someone has great taste! I don't know who's house this is, or if Rick decorated it himself. I'm guessing he did, by the furnishings and whatnot. It looks like the type of things he might choose. I have heard that this was his house in Vegas. So I wonder about that. Did he decorate a whole house to his liking to live out there for those two years during EFX? Hmmm…

I like how it's only Rick and Derek here…giving it an intimate feel, which for me, matches the song. Derek is an amazing pianist. He has such a passionate look on his face when he plays. There are some nice shots of Derek, slow-mo and close-ups as he's playing softly on the piano. He looks so involved in this song, and he plays it very well. It's like he's Rick's `right-hand man' a lot of times. When I see this, I think of the live performance of Free where it's only Rick and Derek…as a two-man team. 

One of my favorite parts is at the end when Rick is turned to the camera with his head kind of down and looks through his glasses right at the screen! Mercy….that's a nice shot! What an intense gaze he has! I think the fading and layering of the shots are perfect. Like at the very end when Rick is leaning back with his arms spread out wide and you see Derek on piano, half faded into Rick….like a double image. The fading in and out in various parts gives it a dreamlike quality, which is a great touch for this song. Really cool stuff! 

I never in my wildest dreams thought there'd ever be a video for this song. Thank you Rick…for such a wonderful memory. This is most definitely the best part of the Alive DVD for me. I can't see myself ever tiring of watching Inside Silvia. It's literally breathtaking!  -  Kelley Pearson